Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend recall

I was right! I did not feel like working out after Holly's championship game. I was totally bummed after Holly's game. LOL they went through the tournament unbeaten, but so did the other team. They scored loads of goals. So did the other team.  Both teams went into the final fairly even.  And Holly's team lead for most of the game. MOST. But they were not in the lead when the game ended.  I was So sad. And embarassed for the behaviour of some of the team members. Shameful poor losers, 9 and 10 year old kids are. SIGH.
Anyway we went home and had some sinfully good frenchfries and chicken wings for supper, and by the time we were finished drowning our sorrows and enjoying a kazoo concert, it was time for all to sleep.
Saturday morning was for sleeping and we did!  Past 7 am! Glorious!  lol.  I woke for awhile and then luxuriously went back to sleep until almost 8!  Bliss! 
I had a hockey game that I took Holly and her friend to, it was pick up so they played with us and it was fun :)   All scored a few goals and went home for the rest of the day where, even tho it was sunny, it was cold and I stayed in and worked.  And worked some more.  Marking Marking, I hate this semester for all of it's marking SIGH.  But by Saturday night I had finished one assignment.  I had Taylor rubbing the kink out of my neck for ages.  Wonder where that came from!
Sunday morning, up early for a breakfast out, then I didnt feel much like running for a couple of hours. Sunday is hard when it is hockey season because I want to run almost every Sunday, I feel like it, but I dont want to be too tired for Hockey. SIGH.  I left the house just before noon for my 10 k run.  Yeah no long run. Hockey game was at 3.  The run was good, about 1:03:45 with a 6:20 pace for the 10 k, lot of hill on the way up and less on the way home.  :)  The weather was mostly nice lol windy but warmish and sunny and I was very happy to just run along.  No speedwork and only about 6 dogs. I KNOW! Where are they all coming from?  Im just so happy that the good weather is returning :)
Hockey game in the afternoon was good.  I had a goal, tie game, got my finger whacked but it only bothers me when I have to use it SIGH.  Pull ups this week? Maybe NOT.  Ive gotten a great headache going on and I need to see if more sleep and more water will improve it.
This morning I did not drag out of bed for a 5 am workout. In attempts to be better to myself I took the extra sleep.  Not that I got much. It was super hard to get back to sleep after Scott left and Cat was howling. SIGH. But I took the laying in bed.  There are only 3 weeks left of this semester and they are going to be super busy ones. If I have to take a break from some workouts,this is the time to do it. And it is Monday. Not my old friend.  I start at 8 and teach until 5, nearly non stop. Hard.
Time to start bike riding regularly.  I might use Taylor's or Scott's bike until I am ready to remove my bike from the trainer....changing tires is way too hard. :)
Swimming. How am I going to get to swimming?  If Im going to do a Tri this summer I really need to start swimming and very soon!

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