Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy Busy

No time.
Friday? No activity that I can remember. LOL Oh the guinea pigs came home.
Saturday? worked, timed at a swim meet, played a game of hockey in the afternoon, worked all evening on school stuff.
Sunday? worked, ran 8.5 k in the worst wind in ages UGH had to walk into it for long distances, like walking into a wall :( very hard 56:12 run.  Hockey in afternoon with Annika's team not very strenuous. LOL. 
And worked all evening.

This coming week is nuts. Hockey, work, marking, meetings for kids, science fair...its not going to be fun. I dont expect to get much accomplished. Going to put P90X off another week to get through it all :(

Prioritizing; if I have time, it will be for running. Weather is supposed to be awesome! Hope this wind lets up! :)


Gaspegirl said...

I hear ya! I am so happy that hockey is done for the season and that the days are getting longer... I really need an overdose of vitamin D to get me going.

I need a good kick in the ass is what I need...

Scrappytbear said...

kick my ass while you are at it; Im such a slug you wouldnt believe!

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