Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hump Day back again

It seems a little bit repetative around here lately.  Work, home, hockey, cleaning, repeating.  I may be needing a little change of routine or a day completely off of everything...or something like that.  Unlikely.
We have had lots more snow; Monday was actually an amazingly sunny and warmish day but I only enjoyed it through the window; It was a long long long day at work. By the time I was finished there it was getting dark and I had to get Taylor and go home so Scott could go out. It is a good rest day anyway :)

Tuesday dawned bright and early and I fell out of bed and into the basement at 5 am for legs and back workout plus Ab Ripper which was so much better since I skipped it twice; no more burning stab in the abs :) healed! (I hope!)  It was good....Scott got some more weights and bands and a matt....looking like a home gym down there, with rec room stuff tossed in for kicks.

After the littles went to school I laced up sneakers and went for a long run; longest I have done in a while.  Couple of weeks anyway. It has been challenging to get the long runs in.  I did 10.5 km and had no time; just guessing at about 1:05 but not sure.  It was pleasant,with temps around 0.  It snowed the entire time :) Hard at some spots.  The ground was much less slushy than it had been; had lots of chances to run on the road as I was on the back roads. Im not sure how much snow we were expecting but Im actually surprised they did not send the kids home from school later in the morning.

Heading up Greenfield Road

Crossing Greg Road

Back down the mountain....Valley Road?

Heading down Wilson Mountain

It was a lovely day for a longish run. I have to start paying more attention to the training program; I am more on a plan for a half marathon than a full; need to start getting longer long runs on the weekend BRRR.

After I went to work for a few hours we went for a noon walk on the snowshoes :) So much fun! My new jacket was FAR too warm for it; it was snowing big wet flakes and I was soaking wet from the inside. 

That was super fun and not so much long enough! We are going again tomorrow :):):)

So Wednesday P90X was a bust; Im not sure what happened, I ended up back in bed.  And after supper, full stomach and very tired and stuff to do. Ive not gone down and done the day.  It's Kenpo.  I just didnt love it.  Not totally looking forward to it.  When I get around to it. Im totally aware of the fact that I could be doing that rather than blogging. But if I do I wont sleep. Im better off going to bed and getting up at 5 am tomorrow :):):)


Gaspegirl said...

So what day are you on in the program? I am only on day four but we may catch up :P That is my main program though (much like your running is to you) so I am not judging :) I am using Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Fire and Zumba as my complimentary programs... and I don't feel that bad if I miss a day of any of those.

Glad to hear that you got your long run in ... not sure if I would even attempt that here in this weather, but you are committed my friend - hats off!

Make it a great day!

Scrappytbear said...

I am on day 13 today; but I usually skip the rest day and make it up elsewhere...Ive been doing this for 17 days and Im only on day 13 so you just might catch up. I have to sacrifice some things for the run days but if I make the rest/Xstretch day the long run day it can be very complimentary! And Plyo is supposed to help with the running. Im trying HipHopAbs and TurboFire and maybe Turbo Jam again....and there was another one that I am going to try; but I dont want to overtrain. WIll see!

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