Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YAWN It's going to be one of "those" days

While I am sitting here working on my posture I can write about the last 2 days.  LOL Day 20 of P90X is rest/Stretch. I did neither.  I did Day 20 and Day 22 on the same day :)
Day 20 was Kenpo. I did that early, before work. Misjudged time a little bit, it's been really hard to get out of bed in the morning :( Im not staying up late, Im just tired.  So after Kenpo I got the kids going and discovered 1. the big dog had diarrhea in her kennel and all over that part of the garage. 2. The old cat has moved back upstairs and messed in the bathroom; and a genius of a man cleaned up the pee pad for him but did not put a new one down. HELLO?  You have to understand I LOVE my old cat. I really do. He is 16.5 years old and still quite ok. But he seems to have lost his everloving mind and he wont use a litter box.  He does like to pee on things so we use Puppy Training pads and it works well as long as we anticipate his whims and have them down.  He likes the hard floors (thank god) and this is why I am tolerating this almost intolerable behaviour. I LOVE this cat.  But It does get kind of wearing on ya when he's doing this. I preferred it when he kept it to the basement.  SO there was all this mess to clean up and we were running a little late.
I left the mess in the garage for Scott (I know, terrible, but the kids have to get to school) and I dropped them off and went to work.  Where I worked hard alllll day. LOL It is spring break so I am getting ahead for next week. HA. 
After picking up some kids I went home and got ready for Hot Yoga. We went for our first time. 1.5 hours at about 105 F.  It was really nice. A lot of relaxing, a lot of stretching. Compared to P90X it was NOT hard. It was just sweaty. I spent a considerable amount of energy trying to figure out how to not slip, managing towel and matt just right until I found some stability. The stretches were deeper and I sweated a lot!  I kind of counted that as the next day of P90X, Yoga.  Fair isnt it? LOL

Tuesday morning I waffled; was supposed to go with Scott to the city, could not really fit in the long run I wanted to :( so I got ready for the city (which was promptly pulled away...) I got pissy and plans were remade to go to the city but in my irritation I forgot 2 of the things I needed to do there.  Ugh so I do so need to go back now.
We went to the Running Room first since that was my most important stop.  Actually we went to that mall, got Pete's Fruitique Smoothies, and then to the Running Room.  There I got my covetted Foam Roller, and a Hand Held water bottle.  Just a little one, for those runs that are too long for no water but too short or inconvenient to carry the bigger one. And I CAN refill it, in race or if my long run passes a watering spot. 
So I could not wait to try out the foam roller.  But still lots of Halifax to do.  We visited One Tooth.  Lots of stuff I want but I am patient...
Scott did some calls. we went to Michaels where I got some stuff for a scrapbooking meeting this weekend with the 4H kids. We ate lunch at the Wok Box.  We went to Costco.  That was fun. I got some Quinoa to make for supper. I look forward to that :) Should be interesting. I would like it with Shake and Bake chicken LOL
Then we went back to Truro where Taylor and I went to Chiro and she was fitted for orthotics. She bears weight not so well.  Home, and despite excitement over the foam roller, by the time I got the kids to sleep I was also asleep.  SIGH.  Next thing I knew it was midnight.
So much for that.

This morning I did Day 23 of P90X; Core Synergistics.  I thought it was hard. LOL not so much work out hard as some things I found very tricky to do.  Some times I just thought No way this is foolish and I did something else. Like planks. But I tried VERY hard to do everything they did :)

Now I owe myself a long run today. I plan to go after a lunch and work session LOL work and eat at my desk so I can slip out at 230 and get the run in. My plan calls for way more km than I am doing but I am trying to work them up.  16 planned for today. For some reason that number makes me really nervous. Im not sure why.  :) 18 is far less daunting to me, but I want to get over the 16 first.

Will check in if I make it :)

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Gaspegirl said...

ABSOLUTELY you can sub out Yoga Hell for HOt Yoga... kinda sounds the same to me anyway! lol

Sounds like you are having a shitty day (hehehe) sorry to hear that! Chin up friend and keep pushing play.

I would love to work out with you... it would be fun. I would much prefer to run with you though, you could teach me how to pace myself and get 'er done!

We should plan something for this summer, when we are both off. You can come down with your family and we can spend a few days catching up and running. The girls can play with my crazies and we will have camp fires and such. Let's make a plan!

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