Thursday, February 17, 2011

Despite it all

I still dragged butt out of bed this morning to do the workout.  Im still really tired and have some congestion going on; possibly I am trying to fight off a cold but at the moment I am still winning. As long as I try not to get too worn down, at which point I might succomb to the wicked cold my kids all have now.

One hour of P90X Day 17 Arms and Shoulders. this is likely my favorite day ;) It's the easiest workout.  Not that I dont work it hard. It's just the most doable IMO.  Did the weights and then the Ab ripper. And even tho Ive been tired and had work today I put on shoes and hat and went out for a run.  *.3 km up the hill and back, and I really pushed it up our last hill.  51:39 for the whole run, in in less than 50 minutes, hills both ways, and ice. I actually felt pretty good. I was analysing my form; I do seem to run fairly upright, arms not swinging too far forward, striking mid-foot.  Maybe footfall not perfect but really I dont feel like there is a lot to work on. Of course in my head Im running like a gazelle; in reality it is more like a hippo. But I think they are pretty water.


Gaspegirl said...

good for you Terri Lynn!! YOu are really doing great with the hybrid P90x/running schedule. I am really trying hard to prepare myself (via treadmill) for the Spring and I would love to add running to my abilities. I would like to register for a 5K run this year. I think that after my workout tonight that I am going to try a 5K and see what happens. How long should it take me? Talk to me girl... this is a new field for me.

Make it a great day!

Scrappytbear said...

your first 5 k is the best! I think it is a good form of cardio LOL personal opinion :)

2012 km Goal