Friday, February 11, 2011


So I spent some time thinking over the past couple of days and although I had some wonderful insight as to thoughts and what I've been doing, Im not sure I can make any conclusions at the moment LOL
So I am not even going to go there right now.  And Im not even sure this is the blog for doing that. But something has to change.

My head is all over the place.

Wednesday I had a very nice albeit short run that I did not mention. Somehow over looked a run? this is The Running Blog isnt it? :)  5.15 km once I made my last loop around the pool where Taylor was swimming and the littles were being dropped off.  It was not too fast thanks to messy sidewalks but I believe the colder weather is helping the slush become more stable.  The things we celebrate....stable slush.

Thursday I did get up earlyl I wore my workout clothes to bed LOL and I did find it got me going a lot easier. Someone suggested that for early morning runs but I find some of my running clothing WAY to restrictive to sleep in.  Those people must have really small breasts and no pinching running bras. Or be men.  Got Day 13 and Kenpo done.  I did not dislike it as much this time;  I was a little more coordinated and really worked hard to put effort into the movements and not just be arm flapping and foot flinging. It's as hard to figure out what they are doing as it is to do it.  Im talking to myself the whole time.  And falling over LOL

The snowshoeing did not happen and I was too lazy to go by myself so I planned to do a short run before picking up and delivering all the kids around but work did not let me do that; So I planned to do some cardio on the bike trainer after my night time meeting but did not do that either.  Nor did I get to sleep really early, nor did I see my favorite TV shows.  So what did I do? No idea.  But I didnt do that stuff.

Friday morning nice and early 509 am out of bed.  Had to find some clothes to workout in, slows me down.  But I skipped the laundry this morning LOL.  Back to Day 1/15 of the program; I skip day 7/14 because it is rest day and Xstretch day, and I rest enough on the days I skip LOL. Plus I will likely need a rest day this weekend, with the busy schedule we will be keeping and the long run I am going to attempt on Sunday morning.

This afternoon Im planning a run despite the nasty cold temps; just a short run.  But after shivering at work all day Im not sure I will actually do it.  I am So cold! I have on a shirt and a sweater and Im really cold! my hands are frozen!  Im thinking about running IN the building LOL  might warm up a little!

Time will tell!

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