Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Times

I often wish we had more hours in a day. Those are the hours I would use for sleeping. Because there are not enough hours in the day for all of we stuff we need to do, and still sleep.

I've not done any work all weekend. It all started on Friday. I did not get up in time for a work out before work. Got the kids to school (late thanks to thhe dogs and garbage day say no more) and went to work. It was the last day before spring break and I could not believe how many students started a day early which was annoying. I managed a short run at lunch time; i think it was about 7 km I will check; 6.8 km in 46 minutes including 3 hill repeats of 400 m and a few minutes of walking with a friend.
Since it was day 18 of P90X and yoga day, I totally jumped on sarah's idea to try out hot yoga for the first time. I rushed home and packed some clothes, got my Matt, picked up Sarah, and we were 2.5 hours early :( ugh it was really hard to imagine wasting all those hours so I went home and that is where I stayed :( there was a good supper, I was super tired, head ache. I compromised and we decided to go on Monday night, and I did yogaX in the basement, finishing at about 10 pm. That's perfect since we were leaving in the morning for the valley, should be really tired.
Saturday am I crawled out of bed at 520 for an hour of legs and arms? Back? I dunno what I did; day 19 anyway. Skipped ab ripper for time, figuring I would get back to it later. We drove to the valley in time for Holly's first tournament game :) they tied 3-3 on that. Off to grammy's house for dinner before game 2. Which they won quite well. Holly had a nice goal :) went to New Minas for shopping for Taylor, back to Grammy's for supper, off to hotel to visit team and swim and play, back to Grammy's at 1030 for tired!
Obviously there was NO time for anything else in there. I was kinda thinking, the rink in berwick had a really neat walking track and I thought about running on it on Sunday, but I ended up getting up early ( not that 7 am is as early as usual but still...earlier than everyone else in the house). I ran in the snow and slush to Coldbrook and back; my garmin said 8.4 km, mapmyrun said 9.6. I guess I went with the garmin...55:37 minutes.
Rushed to shower and made it to game 3; despite efforts and an almost goal for Holly, they lost 1-0 so sad :( but then I got to rush back to Truro for my hockey game! Made it with no time to spare! I did not expect that chance! In fact I got to play two games...the second as goalie for the orange team! The first game we played was good for us; I had one of our 5 goals. Second game was a shut out for us; I didn't do much tho, as the players kept the puck out almost the entire game. I needed more to do lol.
I've had enough today tired tonight and day 20 of P90X tomorrow. Last day (not taking a rest day before heading into week 4.) haven't lost a pound by the way...I don't believe.
I'm tired just reading this.


Ian M. said...

I actually gained weight. I blame it on their diet. and Christmas ;)

Scrappytbear said...

lol im not following their diet. I didnt have time to figure it out. And do the shopping. We eat really healthy most days and I didnt change much. Maybe leaving a few things out and still working on portion control. No diet here. Plus Im still running a lot of miles a week and dont find I can do that well on calorie restriction.

Gaspegirl said...

Well, I am staying off the scale until the end of the recovery week for each phase... I get disappointed too fast. Jeff, on the other hand, has dropped 6 pounds in two weeks... troue de queue!! I sometimes wish that I could have his metabolism.

Keep pushing play my friend... you will see results, I promise. Perhaps you have no more weight to lose? You might also be losing body fat... not sure if that is the cause or not. One last thing, if you are not eating enough you will not lose weigh neither... there is no calorie restrictions with the X diet.

Have a great week... I will be pushing play with you. We are on to week three... Chest and Back tonight. I have meetings two nights this week so there will be some late nights for me this week too.

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