Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 1

And still running in short pants :) We've had nice albeit drizzly weather this past couple of weeks :) Loving being able to still run outside and on trails :)
Went to the park for a nice Wednesday run  after dropping all the kids off at school, got in 8 km on the trails including loads and loads of hills, and still got back to school early enough to prepare for class and get stuff done :) A good day!

Bummer it was such a long day; starting by leaving the house at 730 am and working full day with3.5 hours in the Anatomy lab on my feet and then picking up all the kids at the pool and getting home in time to eat and run out the door (15 minutes) to a 3 hour hockey staff clinic on bullying, harassement, and Abuse. SIGH.  And then home to finish getting ready for today. 

Im beat.  I need to sleep.  But not today; test #2 to give soon, then a run, get kids. Maybe in that order. I have a TONNE of marking to do tonight. SIGH.  Maybe I can rest after tomorrow.

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Gaspegirl said...

Yawn... you are making me tired! That is quite a schedule you keep girl.

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