Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I did it :)

Went for my run :) It was great, I ALWAYS love it once I get out the door SIGH. The weather left something to be desired; rain, snow, wind all at once.  Even some sun!  i was glad I wore my vest and somewhat wished for some gloves but I had my sleeves with thumb holes so it was ok. It was wet. Plan called for 6.4 km tempo; yes Im on a plan again.  Running Room plan to finish a marathon in 4 hours 30 minutes which would take 10 minutes off my last time. I hope to do better.  I have not picked out a marathon or a half or anything for 2011 yet. But Im looking!  Got 7.55 km in today (48:30 minutes). 
After I came back I got some bad news about a very nice person, important in the community and a good friend to many of my friends; left the world today :( She has been ill; I'm glad she is at peace now :( It's those of us left on earth who are going to have a hard time :(
Thinking of my friends and family tonight. I love them.

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