Friday, December 3, 2010

Still Running in Shorts :) Dec 3

today was 9 C.  9!!  Jeez that's a summer day! LOL Almost.  Although it was damp and drizzly, and felt much more bone chilling than 9, it was still nice to be able to go out lightly dressed for a run :) Shorts, long sleeved shirt, and nothing else :) And was still overly warm.  LOL
Didn't really have a plan when I left the pool but that I was going to run. Im really super tired from a long night and day of marking and passing out stuff.  Actually dozed off this afternoon sitting up!  LOL After a very difficult Parent-Teacher interview I was really ready for some stress relief but also really considered just driving home and getting into bed.  Im glad that I decided to do the run instead, but now Im quite tired.  I headed out the trail to Lower Truro then up the hill WAY up to the connector road, and back down into town.  A very long climb with a long downhill reward at the end.  Back to the pool for 8 km in 51 leisurely minutes. Im not paying too much attention to pace at this point and concentrating on just keeping going.  34 km this week so far with tomorrow still yet to come, km are down but still keeping on :) Over 1600 km for the year as of today thanks to all that Marathon training :):):)

I still have not started P90X but I am going to have to soon; now that classes are done I really need to.  I also have to set up the bike in the trainer; the tire has been changed and it is waiting for me :):):)
We'll see what this weekend brings, besides hockey.

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