Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Searching for the motivation

I did not run Monday; total FAIL.  Mostly weather related; I do hate to run in the strong winds we were having (and kinda still are). 
But today I do need a run and Im sitting here feeling slightly sorry for myself and reading runners world and not getting out there. I have some work to do and Im working on it ; bouncing from one thing to another is never productive. I ate. I should be ready. I am thinking I may have forgotten to pack socks. That would put a bit of a crimp in the plan since I wore wool socks to work today.  Maybe that is why I am still sitting here?

I do need to get up. Maybe this post will be what pushes me over the edge and out the door!

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Faith Ann said...

Just getting up is the hardest part!!

I find motivation is difficult for me this time of year. I'll blame it on darkness.

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