Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 10 Friday Chill

What a cold day Friday was compared to what we have been getting (and are going to get) :) It was minus 8 or so and sunny; dry so it didnt feel bad at all :)
My garmin has not been picking up satellites in Bible Hill  so rather than walking until it did or standing out in the cold waiting for it, I set it out on the step of the office and went back inside to wait on it :)  I did some stretches while it found a signal; of course someone went out and thought it had been dropped and brought it back in where I confiscated it and put it on and went out for my run.
Scott had taken all of my stuff home so I was running home from the office. It's about 7 km. I started out on the trail behind the campus and then met the road and home.  I realised a serious issue within about a km; I had had a greasy heavy lunch (3 hours before) that was still sitting on me, and I had cramps and nausea almost right away.  it lasted all the way home.  I actually called for a ride home but I was pretty much there before Scott could come get me. A horrible run! Im still nauseated.
Now today, I played hockey this morning and fell on my butt.  Fell. Ha.  But Im sore and miserable.  Bruised to the bone.  And super tired.  No run today.  Maybe get a long day in tomorrow? But I doubt it.

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