Monday, November 1, 2010

Goal met

Before I decided to do a full marathon I made a goal this year for km run; I decided in those 12 months I would run 1500 km.  Marathon training made that easy; i was running 200 km some months LOL

Anyway I meant to in October but got rained out; met my 1500 km goal on a chilly 8.4 km run this morning :) Ive run 1500 km this year! And I still have 2 months left to go!  Hmm.  what goal should I set next year?

Maybe it should be a weight loss goal again; Ive gained like 4 pounds (maybe?) since the marathon.  UGH.  Im always hungry!  LOL   PLus Halloween and some water retention. I hate my scale today! LOL  And now Scott is bringing me something for lunch. Im sure that wont be fattening. 

This is why I cannot stop running. Im convinced that I will gain 30 pounds in a month ;)  Instantly. Im sure my jeans are already getting too tight.  No matter what goals I get to, I don't thinkI will ever really feel comfortable with me. :(:(:( 

SO now my goal is to run 5 days a week but without that long long run on weekends of 20 plus km.  lol  When will I find the time to run 5 days a week? LOLOL

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