Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not Really Sure Where I am going from HERE :)

Havent written about runs since April 10th; in that time I have had 8 runs, 2 of them over 20 km, none particularly long due to time constraints. Last weekend I intended to do a step back week and did a little less than 22 km long run. This week I unexpectedly joined a hockey tournament and since the championship game was Sunday afternoon, I put off my long run until Monday.  And since I had to deal with kids/go to work, the time crunch got the better of me and I cut the run at 20.5 km, intending to do another in the evening which I ended up not doing.  POor planning.  This leaves me wondering exactly where my training is at, and what I am going to do. Why keep up these long runs if Im not running anything?  What am I gaining? 
I fear it's nothing at all :( Ive no goal race, my speed is terribly absent.  I need to do a race, soon. 

I am signing up for the Spring Fling Freestyle Race this weekend at www.gotruro.ca.  It's a small race and I haven't much of a goal but it might get me back into racing.  But Im just questioning it all, and thinking for weeks that I need some quality speedwork hasnt gotten me to the track.  Im not doing hills or intervals or anything.

I hit over 700 km for the year yesterday.  It's satisfying to be adding the miles.

Worrying trend?  weight gain.  I know, its only about 4 pounds but its in the wrong direction and I feel large and heavy and hungry all the time. Im drinking lots of water and trying to pay attention to the sugar and other crap ingredients in my food but Im really being left with NOTHING to eat, since everything I read says everything is poison. SIGH. 

Still running but really doubting the reasons.

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Char said...

You sound like you're in a little running slump mentally. It doesn't matter really if you cut back your k's unless you just like to run for the release (and to be able to eat more which is sometimes my motivation). Why not just cut it back for a while until you work out what you want to do?

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