Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Break is Over

Not that it means much to me anymore; my kids stayed home for a week and I really went to work a lot. This is a busy time at the Uni as the term is winding down and 4th year students are finishing up their major year-long projects; which means lots of proofreading, statistics being run, meetings being held; it was a busier week than usual and I feel really terrible about missing the kid's time at home :( Luckily I am home with them all summer, so I hope that makes up for the week they just spent a lot of sitting at home. resting hahahahaha

Monday I laced up and went for a run with Toni :) we did our usual route and completed 8.9 km without any pain in my foot. Im not naive enough to think that means something LOL.  The kid's hockey schedules are a little less over March Break (minus the tournaments) and so my evening was pretty free :)  Did stretch after the run :)

Tuesday....ok all those days are running into each other. I believe I took Tuesday off from running on purpose ;) I could not attend noon time hockey so I instead went to evening hockey at the stadium which was fun :) but it was late and by the time I got home and showered and wound down a little it was late. And my kids? staying up late on March Break. Taylor had 3 friends over for the night and although they were a little quieter than usual they were still up very late :)

Wednesday was another work day and it wasn't a short one :) Annika started her March Break tournament so I went to work, to hockey game (they won) back to work, then had student meetings before heading for another hockey game (they won) and then Taylor had a 4H meeting so I ran home to get her (late) and got her to the meeting; Annika and I sat in the car, it was terribly windy and a little damp.  Home and any potential to be "active" was gone; more like comatose in a chair and to bed. Kids? Up kinda late again.

It rained a lot overnight and there was Thursday was better; its a quiet day at work and Annika had another game of hockey (they won) so I was in and out of work, I went early to run before I had an appointment with my Osteopath and was not allowed to run for the rest of the day :(
It was a nice run; but cold but I had some nice views of the flood (which made driving around this town very hard) and I got in nice 10 k....but my heel hurt very much. Right from about 4 km onwards. Ouch. I have been running on the ballof my foot to make it feel less intense but it is starting to make my left knee sore and I worry.
Osteopath appointment was nice, she worked on my sore foot and my very sore hockey-abused neck, and I left feeling better....and that continued...
Annika played hockey right away and they won again :)  So they ended up in the semifinal game the next morning at 7 am which was awesome ;)
Up early and into the hockey game then off to work where the day was fairly low key....Annika's final game was in the morning and they won that so it was awesome :) Her first gold medal! 

So that was awesome for her :)
After work and supper I went for a run with Toni.  I am having some trouble with my late afternoon/supper time runs because even if I have a snack, Im really hungry!  So this run was super late because I ate!  And then let it settle. I actually had to go find Toni who had started running, I parked and joined her then finished after she went home :) we went 15.5 km and my heel started to ache at about 5 km.  It totally pains and throws off my stride and makes my other leg and my back hurt.  I need to fix the issue before I end up with a worse problem!  My runs need to get back to over 20-30 km again, before any chance I had of running a marathon this spring end!  after May there isnt much to choose from!

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Char said...

I so don't miss all that running around juggling kids extra-curriculars while still trying to get all your own stuff in. Best day ever was when they all had their licences and could drive themselves around. I guess that's still a little way off for you. But the upside of all that driving is getting a one-on-one with your progeny and I kinda miss that.

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