Friday, March 8, 2013

Blows me away

How fast time is passing.  I feel like I blink and a whole month has gone. It's MARCH now.  And I have not blogged in 9 days when I thought it was only about 4.  Im hanging onto my schedule by a string!

This past weekend was a complete blur and I realise a) I am too old for drinking, b) I don't have thick skin.
I was away overnight with friends at a hockey tournament and all the hockey and lack of sleep and the beers and shooters I enjoyed have kicked my ass.

Ok Last Tuesday was Taylor's birthday. My first baby is 15 years old!  I played hockey at lunch time and before supper I managed to run 10.3 km but I dont know where I went and how I fit it in lol.  that was a long time ago ;) the weather has been decent and its allowed more enjoyable running!
Wednesday I did 6.6 km. I was interrupted a few times by phone calls and texts lol but the run was good. I was HUNGRY I hate running at supper time. 
Thursday was crazy busy so I didnt run. Or anything.
But Friday I got up and ate a good bagel and took the kids to school and THEN I did my long run. Ive not been quite hitting the distances lately, with time constraints and weather.  But this week I only had scheduled a half marathon (granted it was a race but it didnt need to be).  SO I decided to go further than the 21.1 km, decided where to go, and went. The weather was calling for some snow/rain mix with winds and it didnt disappoint.  But it was tolerable. What wasn't, was my route.  SIGH.
I like the route that goes to Hilden from Truro on the back road, and then back again. But what I dont like, is I added a trip up to Lower Truro through Millbrook/Power center. This is where I had a PITBULL-like incident last year. I was sure I could avoid that area by going across the highway at the PC, but I didnt really account for other dogs and my extreme anxiety.  Extreme!  Every time I saw or heard a dog, I felt stressed!  It didnt help that there WERE loose dogs and there was a tied dog that ran out onto the sidewalk with his tie!  Little long, yes?  So I hated that section. Once I got back to Lower Truro I did feel better but it takes a lot out of you.
I have been running listening to podcasts by Vinnie Tortorich rather than music. Its entertaining and informative although I dont agree with everything, its good for thought.  I dont mind people who say what they think and dont care what others think of that ;)

Long run done, 23.17 km in about 2:40, it didnt map or record for some reason so I am just guessing.
after the run I went home and showered and packed and headed out the door (after an omelet) to a hockey tournament. NUTS right?  Yeah we went off to Eastern Shore to a hockey tournament we had NO business being in.  And later in the afternoon I played a game of hockey. I was SORE and tired and That feeling lasted all weekend along with some nausea so I think I had a little something.  we lost our games badly but we had some fun in the evening with drinks and food and conversation with some very FUN ladies so its all good to have a night away. I do believe tho that I am too old for this sort of fun anymore.  I wanted sleep SO bad. Nothing to do with a long run and a hockey game at the end of a week of work.  And in the morning I couldnt sleep, and I got up early feeling crappy, had a shower which much improved things, had a decent although notvery tastey breakfast, and played 2 more games of hockey, won a draw on a set of knives, got hit in the head causing sore neck, and went home to a hockey game in our home town, at the brand new Civic Center just opened that night. It was super nice!
 the Truro Bearcats won this game and then I finally got to go to bed in my own comfy bed.

Next morning we were at it again; Annika had hockey and Scott took Holly to her hockey away game, while I played locally and then had a little rest before 2 games of soccer that night which actually went better than the rest of the weekend; despite my sore neck I had fun (thanks, Muscle relaxants) and we actually held the second game to a 0-0 tie. We are on a bit of a role!  LOL lord its all relative.

Monday came way too soon and I really wish for a Sunday do over without commitments LOL  After a full work day I almost had time for supper before taking Taylor to TKD and heading off to swim with the Truro Triathlon Club as we had a Benchmark swim. after warming up I did 400 M in 9:36 minutes. That's crap but its the first swim since August so I have only up to go right? 


Char said...

What are dogs doing running around loose? I love dogs but I'm very wary of them when I'm running and when I'm walking my two pooches. I don't like having them chase me. I don't like having to break up dog fights. And I wish owners were more responsible.

Scrappytbear said...

we dont walk our dogs on our own road because there are too many loose dogs. They seem to be everywhere right now. And Im so tired of them on my runs!

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