Monday, December 26, 2011

Posting on Christmas

It is Christmas Day (only for about 25 more minutes) and it's been a long haul to get here but here we are, on the other side of Christmas again for another year.
Our family is very lucky to be healthy and mostly get the gifts they hoped for again.  I often think we are overdoing Christmas but I have no idea how to go back from here.

this week has not been too active; I was making the kids some christmas gifts and was spending tonnes of time working on that; knitting is not an active sport but rather a fairly inactive hobby LOL. So maybe possibly tomorrow morning first thing Im outta here for a run.

Tuesday last I pulled of a quick 6.66 km run (i know right?) in about 40:30 minutes.  It is now getting very cold on runs. And now it's snowy!  I also had tonnes of yummy food at a work christmas lunch; lots of desserts too! lol

On Wednesday I managed a lovely sunny (cold) 10.4 km run which was very enjoyable but I have no run since. SIGH.  My mother got me some grippies for my shoes; supposed to be good on ice. I cannot wait to try them out, seeings it is not only cold but snowy and icey here.

Wednesday night I played hockey with Holly Against her team; those kids did not hold back at all!  LOL.  10-12 year olds are tough! lol The parent team did beat them and we played nicely with lots of passing, to make a good example LOL.

Thursday morning was an early morning on the ice with Scott's work friends. With few spares our scrimmage was a lot of work and those players were also very very good.  Another tough workout.

I wish I could consider shopping a workout. We did about 5 hours of that.
The kids had their first of 2 Drama presentations at night and they did awesome :)

Friday was a rest day lol meaning I basically knitted and shopped.  It snowed all day. and because of the cold, the snow stayed!

Saturday I was up early. Ive been sleeping very poorly past couple of weeks, waking early after late nights to work on the kids' presents while they sleep. most looking forward to sleeping some after christmas.

I took a break and played Saturday hockey with the girls. It was good fun :) We only had a couple of spares so again  it was a hard workout with loads of skating sprints!

working on gifts and cleaning house until Christmas Eve, when we finally had a break for a family gathering :) then knitted til 2 am. Seriously. But got all of those stockings complete enough so that Santa could carefully fill them! (now I have to make myself finish them ;))

Christmas day was a lazy jammie day and although it was sunny it was terribly cold and we totally didnt get dressed. I comtemplated a run in my grippies and new under clothes but instead I had a long nap ;) I mean really after all of these 4 and 5 hours a night sleeps I have some catching up to do. Back on track tomorrow!

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Gaspegirl said...

I love the family picture... happy holidays to you and your lovely family!

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