Sunday, January 1, 2012

End of 2011 Post; on First day of 2012

2011 went out with less of a bang and more of a wimper. It was just not that big of a deal :) It's now January 1 2012 and it looks pretty much the same as 2011.  Shocking.
Christmas Day was certainly a rest day LOL so Boxing Day was a run day.  I wore the new grippies my mother gave me for Christmas; it was pretty icey but without icey patches so they spent some time on the pavement too.  That was not comfortable ;) but they were nice and grippy for the ice.  I think they will come in very handy in our icey rainy/snowy winters :) 8.6 km in 56:06. Its going to be a long winter ;) it's just starting!!!

The hockey tournament in Brookfield started for Annika on Tuesday so we went there at supper time and Annika played 2 hockey games. CUTE :)  I played hockey at lunchtime with the "girls" and had a great hour of hard skating :) our scrimmages are not at all relaxed although they are hilarious. Intense and hilarious :)  Had coffee with a friend between games.  After Annika's second game we hurried back to town so I could go bowling with the Cross Country Team and alumni!  It was good to see that bunch again; I always miss them when season is ended!  Party continued at Lavinia's and it was 230 before she and I were done talking :)

Wednesday was a new day :) with more hockey!  LOL I ran in the morning 6.5 km in 41:23, it was just up the hill and back down as pressed for time. Hockey was at noon, another hour scrimmage; then we went to Annika's last hockey game, then hung around the rink and had supper with friends til Holly's first game in the tournament.  Both good games.  Home and to bed :)

Thursday morning we met our new kitty; he was being fixed up for us and we were taking him home!  It was another hockey day; Holly had 2 games, they had a tie and 2 wins and finished first in their division.  Semifinals were next day. I had hockey between her 2 games and it was all very rushed. 
Friday morning I managed a little run before heading off to "stuff". lol 5.4 km up the hill and back, 33 minutes.  It was chill!  It's certainly gotten much colder since last week!  We went to Holly's Semi game, they won it and had to be in the Championship game at supper time; I had to cancel my spot in an exhibition game. We cannot be in 2 places at once and it's not hard to pick her game over mine but it isnt always pleasant either; I really wanted to play that game LOL
Kessel under the tree :)
We picked up the new cat, Kessel, after the game and took him home to spend a couple of hours before the Championship game.  He is quite a cat; a stray from the SPCA who was unadoptable due to a spectacular heart murmur and therefore he has found a great home with us; we're not scared of long term medical conditions! He has a purr motor like few others and after just 3 days here it's like he has always been here. He's a very cuddly cat!

Holly's team did not win their Championship game; they played hard but were simply outplayed at the end. :( They did well and she did really well skating up the boards and taking pucks. Im still glad I went to the game.
Whew lots of hockey to Saturday; we slept in Saturday morning, and I dragged out of bed for 9 am hockey. It's New Year's Eve and we all chose to play hockey! I would have played more :) No more hockey; we cleaned the house and shampooed carpets!  We had friends over for New Years and a houseful of laughing kids  is the best way to celebrate a holiday! It's been so long since we all got together, way too long.  I just realised we didnt get a group photo.

and now it is January 1. 2012!  UNbelievable. I thought I might start P90X again on Jan 1 and now here it is. for once I went through with it.
We slept in this morning a bit and then after cleaning up the tree and cleaning out the living room, we did the carpet and went for NY dinner at the Inlaws!  Left the kids there to come home for more cleaning (it wont end til all that Christmas stuff is GONE). When it was almost dark I finally forced myself out the door for a run; 5.65 km down the road and back, 32:16.  I did the first 5 km in 28:54; 1.1 km downhill, 1.6 km up, 1.6 km downhill, and 1.35 back up.  It's a hard run from here either way. it was cold and damp as only NS can be. 
I changed clothes and before I could change my mind I went down to the basement and did P90X Chest and Back.  I did not do Ab Ripper X; it was getting late.

Updated to now, where I sit blogging :)

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grammy perkins said...

Awesome - Congratulations to Holly on the tourny. She is a terrific hockey player - congrats on the new cat, can't wait to meet him. He looks like Spice. Lucky cat to get a great home. Sounds like you had a very busy New Years, time to catch your breath!!!

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