Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year 2012 Goals

In 2011 I wanted to run 1800 km.  I did not get there; I finished with 1714 ish I believe that to be accurate enough.  It's better than last year, by a few km. 

My goals for last year were only sort of successful.

1. Kms run: last year I wanted 1500 and I finished with about 1692.75. So this year Im thinking 1800 would be an awesome goal. I sort of managed to do better but not the 1800 I wanted.

2. Marathon. Do I want to run another. YES. Im actually thinking one in spring and one in fall. Fredericton Marathon is on my radar. Nothing for fall yet.I did not do another marathon. FAIL. Just too busy!

3. 5 K PR. I want to get a PR in this distance this year. Which means Im likely going to run more of them. :)No PR's this year. Any.

4. Weight; Id like to be 5 pounds lighter next end of year than I am now. That's doable right?Nope. Not 5 pounds lighter.

5. Drink more water. Yeah I did do this. It's not hard to get used to.

6. 30 minutes or more of activity 6 days a week. Not average; every day I think I did average this.  But not always 6 days a week.

New Resolutions:

1. Just do stuff better.
2. Remind myself that I will feel great when I make myself go for those runs.
3. Cross train more.
4. Try to do most of the P90X sessions this time.
5. Running; 1800 km goal again.

That's all. Nothing else LOL.

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Gaspegirl said...

Sounds like great goals to me! Happy New Year girl, seems like just yesterday I typed out my goals for 2011 and here we are 2012... I think that is a sign that I am getting OLD!

Make it a great day!

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