Saturday, January 7, 2012

January well under way now!

I just wish it would bring more TIME with it. I would think that with the quiet winter days on us, we would have more time. But rather I feel like I have less time than ever and Im not even really that busy ;)
For example it's been an entire day since I started this post.  I just don't know where the time goes. Mostly wasted away :(

We are well into January.  An entire week of it, actually.  And It's been a hard adjustment. Weather has gotten much colder, it's dark, and mornings are starting before dawn even thought about arriving :( We come home often in the dark just like we left, and there is no motivation to get anything done :(

I love winter. I really do. Actually I would be happy if there were enough snow to DO something but there hasnt been much yet and it doesnt stay.  My snowshoes are just dying for a spin :)

So since New Year's Day the runs have been happening although P90X isnt regularly I still intend to get some workouts in.  Especially on days that are too nasty to run outside.  But I do find it hard when home to find that chunk of time to do the workout, that I can steal away while at work by working through my lunch hours.  :)

Monday was 2 ice times; noon Christmas hockey and supper time practice for Annika. Christmas hockey was fun; will miss it.
Tuesday morning school started up for the kids and after Scott took them off I got a P90x workout in. Plyometrics didn't seem so hard but I was sooooo sore for the next few days; abnormally sore. Thinking it wasn't just the workouts but rather the way my joints and head ached maybe a bit of a virus. Either way so sore to walk and going down stairs was hard. :(

But running was not as hard so I got in a run from work. Dara and I went 7.75 km to her place and fed the horses and back to work. 48:51 minutes not bad considering I'm sore and she is sick; there was a lot of snot.

Wednesday was just a quick run at the end of the day. I was soooo sore and it was freezing cold out. Holly was home sick for the day :( classes started Wednesday. After classes and getting ready for next day I managed to get out for 5.3 km In 33:48. Not great but done :)

Thursday morning was rushed; didn't manage a run til noon when the snow started; Lavinia And I had a beautiful run to the top of the park and back in light fluffy snowflakes. it was a little bit slippery but really fun. 7.2 km In about 44 minutes. Nice.

Friday started with a 7 am skate and ended there. Busy and maybe a rest day is ok. 50 minutes skating is a great way to start a day.

And up to Saturday; 7 am hockey scrimmage was disappointing as pretty much everyone was there, so we sat on The bench for EVER. I prefer being short handed ;) I'm selfish!

Before supper I got in a run; 8.5 km pretty quick (since dark was coming ) 50:30 minutes including stopping and talking to Scott :)

Not much actually planned for the week; I wonder if I would be more likely to work out if I wrote my plans down?

Now looking for some snow!

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Gaspegirl said...

We have lots of snow... well, certainly enough for snowshoeing and skiing of all sorts. The upcoming weekend will be spent cross-country skiing for me (and Skye) while Jeff, Hannah and Ashton ski downhill. I am not that brave... our hills are HUGE down here.

Sounds like a great week to me... there were some great calorie burns I am certain.

have a great day!

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