Monday, January 16, 2012

Dust layer remains intact on the Snow Shoes

We still have no snow to speak of. Only the calendar and maybe the temperatures say it is January.  Sometimes it is -17 (this morning) and sometimes it is +10 (3 days ago). NOT global warming ;) just a less snowy piece of winter :) I am finding very little motivation to getting outside and doing the runs I so badly need to be getting in :( And Im not finding a whole lot of time to get workouts done inside either.  It all just takes so long, and with meals to make and lots of work and cleaning to do each evening, it's not clear to me when people fit this stuff in!

I only got in 3 runs last week!  YIKES!  Im falling off!  Because I just noticed, it's ONLY JANUARY.  I have months of winter left. This is not a good start.

Sunday we took Annika out to her morning hockey game and then I did not get in a run before my hockey in the afternoon. Im not good at getting in a Sunday run :( I find with both Hockey and Soccer, Sunday can be very tiring. and Mondays at work are seriously long with most of the day on my feet and lecturing. And instructing in lab. And just going on and on. lol  So unless I do a short run, Im not getting much run in on Sundays. :(  The hockey game was a good one, we won 3-1 and I scored a goal.  we were sort of short of players so there was lots of ice time. I like lots of ice time.
Holly and Annika played hockey at the same time that I had soccer; so I sent them with other people and selfishly went to my soccer game. It was also a good game, we tied nothing nothing LOL. Soccer is hard!

Monday was a 9-5 day with kids to get to school on one end and kids to get to bed on the other :)
No Workout at all. Rest Day.

Tuesday morning after Scott toook the kids to school I did Kenpo X and Ab Ripper x.  Waiting until the kids leave does not give me enough time to get to work at a decent time; but doing workouts while the kids are getting ready for school is full of frustrating interruptions and their needs. Getting up to do workouts before they get up is just plain hard lol.  I squeezed in a run before school pickup, then had Annika's hockey practice to skate through before supper.  It was one of those very active days.

Wednesday; I dont remember what happened to my Wednesday lol. Oh yes, classes, a sad funeral, kid pick up, that sort of thing. and dark, cold, gloom lol. 

Thursday picked up with a 6.4 km run before picking up Annika from School and Holly from Deb's place and Taylor from school.  Holly had hockey practice which her father took her to. 

My endurance is certainly taking a hit; I have not run more than 8.5 km since Christmas.  :(

Friday morning after drop off we went for a 45 minute drive in the snowroads to pick up fertilized eggs.  Taylor's science fair project is on it's way!  I squeezed in a run at lunch time between lecture and lab.  Tired.

Saturday morning had me up and on the ice by 7 am again; such a great way to start a day.  Between my hockey and Holly's I worked on a 4H meeting which I had after Holly's hockey game. After the 4H meeting it was dark and we didnt really do anything Saturday night.

Which brings us back to another Sunday with a hockey game we lost 2-0.  we skated very hard! Short handed again!  Then after Annika's hockey game, we had a soccer game that we lost 1-0. Hard day on the ego. But again we played very hard. Just didnt manage to score.

Monday today; another longgggg day at work and so far no workout. The kids are finally in bed and it is 830; Im torn between going to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and hit the workout OR doing it now. Im very tired and my throat is very scratchy; might prefer sleep. Or blogging, apparently ;)


Gaspegirl said...

I agree, it is SO HARD to plan the workouts throughout the day ... that is why I get up at 4:45am to get them in or I just can't make the time! I am in bed with the kids... too tired! I wonder if our parents were as crazy busy as we are when they were our age?

Scrappytbear said...

Im fairly sure they were not.

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