Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a beautiful cold day

The weather outside is frightful-ly...cold.  It is January in NS, but still, with wind chills of -20 or worse, that's just cold. 
Especially compared to yesterday. Or the day before! 

Monday didn't do a thing. Nothing! after the long day and dealing with bed times and stuff I just couldnt do it.
But Tuesday before picking up the kids I went out for a nice run; it was almost sunny, and over 0 C.  I had on short sleeves and long over, and was too warm with my coat; tied that around my waist and was still quite hot. Good thing since i forgot gloves.  It was SO warm!  8.4 km in 50:25. 
Wednesday was a gorgeous sunny warm day. Light coat sort of day. I worked very hard and didnt get out for a workout. Way tired.  After lab and picking up kids at home I took Holly to hockey practice then right straight to her first basketball game.
The team did really well after only 3 practices; they were short players and had a 28-18 win over a neighboring school, Holly scored 6 of those points :) It was a good time :)
After Bball Taylor had to be dropped right off at Tae Kwon Do and then I could take the little ones home and get them into bed and ready for the next day. What a tired lot of kids!
Brings us to Thursday and what a change in the weather!  It was getting colder and damper last night and was frozen this -12 and windchill of -25. 
I waited until lunch time today and then just had to run. It was sunny but still SO cold.  My face just burned!  My toes got cold, and I was really dressed improperly.  I realised I packed my bag yesterday, for Yesterday's lovely weather. I had no sweater or mitts (gloves yes) and no hat although I had a non-running one in my other bag.  Light running tights, not the heavy ones.  Not the cushy coat but instead the light windbreaker.
I did get warm underneath.  And eventually my fingers warmed up.  At least til I could feel them.  I kept pulling my scarf over my face but then I had to take off my sunglasses (fogging) and Thennnnn the wind burned my eyes so I could not see through tears that froze on my face.  The scarf got gross with breath and snot and I kept turning it and pulling it up til I felt like I was suffocating then I would pull it back down....Blowing frozen snot across the sidewalk; almost hit by 2 inattentive drivers, good thing I am watching for them because they are not watching for me.
But it was a sunny day, and it was a snow and ice free run for the most part; I was even on the trail for awhile.  I was so glad to get out but SO glad to get back 56 minutes later because I was frozen to the core.  9 km done.

It took ages to warm up and I picked up Holly and went home where we made cookie dough and then after Annika got home and we had supper I took these two to Annika's hockey practice where we skated pretty hard! 

We are expecting some snow tomorrow YAY! Maybe enough to make things slippery; I promised the kids I would take them coasting if there was snow and they went to sleep right away.
It's looking like a realllllly busy weekend.  But I plan to get running in!

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