Friday, July 30, 2010

New Sneakers

I really am enjoying my new sneakers; I love the way they feel, the support, the fact that they do not let me feel every rock and pebble through them as I run on gravel.

I do not love that they give me a blister on my left baby toe.  SIGH. This better work out of them soon.

10 km today at 11 am in 85%+ humidity but temps lower than before (22C when I came home) so it evened out I think...I was soaking wet and stinky when I got home but Ive been hotter.  It was hard to breath in some places and I felt sorta gross at one point but I went up Harmony Ridge past the first really steep part on the corner and the bottom of the next hill was 5 Km so I turned around and ran back home for 10 k in 1:04:03.  Not a tonne of effort put into it and the hills are killer.  6:24 pace.  Thinking about a long run tomorrow morning.  Checking weather forecasts and considering a route.  Thinking 20 km will be sufficient despite the 23 called for in the program.   Im a little off right now; we are all about a week off right now LOL.

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