Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Run before the LONG ONE

I have taken 2 rest days thank you heat and this morning got out for the "web" run before the very very long run tomorrow; Im taking a very "zen" attitude about it; the whole Whatever will be will be and its just a nice long run in an unfamiliar park kind of attitude;  don't want to be too stressed over it.  I have no time goal and just would like to finish in under 3 hours but its a lot of trail and hills and Im just not at all familiar so Im hoping to be done in under 3 hours.  :) 

Played ball hockey last night and it was pretty warm and although we had 2 lines it was loads of running.  Heart breaker as the game seemed very unfair and rough and the other team tied it up with literally 1 second left.  It was terrible. 
Just in from my run this morning 24 C and 82% humidity feels like 32 C it was HOT and gross lol sweat pouring off.  4.5 km in 29:10 taking a very easy pace :)

On to Saint John tonight and running the 16.87 Miler tomorrow morning :):):)  Im just so excited... really.

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