Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fairly Uneventful 10 km run

I reallllly need to consider getting out running earlier.  It seems no matter when I think I am going to go running, Im later and it gets hot SIGH.  I didnt get out today until almost 10 am and it was HOT.  Humidity in high 80's low 90's and it was about "feels like" 32 C.  HOT.  And I didnt take water and was thirsty by about 7 km.

BUT it's done and it wasnt bad; I missed a hill workout yesterday and did a route today with some hills in it.  It's not the same but I can't really catch up tomorrow; 5 km Race on Saturday in Digby :)  I might get a short run in tomorrow morning but Im not counting on it. 

10 km in 1:06:14 including a warm up and cool down and 4 significant hills at increased effort.  Took extra walk breaks because of the heat.  LOADS of hills.

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pinkcowgirl said...

Pictures are UP! And I can't STAND running in the heat. Or at least the humidity. I'd rather be on a TM.

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