Sunday, August 15, 2010

11 km Midweek Longish Run and a Fast 7.5 km

Doing ok this week, on Friday I got in my longish midweek run; schedule said 10, I planned 12 and went 11 because Scott picked me up and I wanted the drive back lol. We then spent the rest of the day at the beach :):):) The run wasnt bad, heat and humidity are either backing off a little or I am getting used to it.

I was checking the conversion of Celcius to Farenheit to compare to the americans who are always commenting on their heat and I wondered how hot it really was....
there are people running (still running) at 98 F which I believe is aout 32 something celcius, a temp at which I would not even lace up my sneakers because its TOO hot for sneakers lol.  I don't really enjoy over 20-23C, which is about....68 - 70 F.  I try to run before it gets that hot.  I do not always succeed but my runs are usually pretty unpleasant if I let it get that hot. 

Which is why on Saturday when it was calling for very hot temps (80's F) I got up at the ass crack of dawn and ran in town with Lavinia.  She is much, much.....MUCH faster than I am, but she so kindly slowed down for me and we ran 7.5 km together in about 45 minutes more or less (maybe less....Garmin didnt keep track of first km).  That had to be excruciatingly slow for her...she was able to chat away the whole time and often all I could manage was a grunt in reply.  We have not ran together since spring...and I can honestly say, it was much easier this time.  IM IMPROVING!! lol.  I've been doing speed work (ok not recently and not this week but I have used that tool) and my mileage has also increased so I am going further and I am doing it faster.  I used to try to keep my long runs arounf 6:45 minutes per I am aiming for about 6:15.  Its all good!  Im never going to be fast but by running with people who are faster than I am, I hope to keep improving.  Lavinia is moving really far away and Im really going to miss her, including her influence on my running!  Hope she keeps in touch. ;)

Going to take Sunday off....spent Saturday and going to spend all of Sunday at soccer Jamborees for the kids.  Long run on Monday morning of 19 km (stepdown week) and by next Sunday I should have my long runs back on Sunday.  LONG next week; more uncharted territory.  Going back to work TOMORROW sigh summer is over for me and unexpectedly, so Im feeling a bit cheated of my last couple of weeks LOL. SIGH.

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