Monday, August 16, 2010

Stepdown Week

Was pretty nice to only be running 19 km this week for my long run ;) next week's 29 will be tough. Im sure of it.  We got out running a bit late; met Irongroup ;) at the college and we ran from there out to Onslow and down the highway (rather high traffic and no shoulder to speak of) and then out on the trail past the water stop; on the way back we filled the water bottles back up and then ran back to the trail at the highway and all the way to Walker street, then back to the college. M was particularly tired today after her long week of ball hockey and she also has some sore issues that need some REST but aren't getting it; I think with all that and the heat she was not having fun but I gotta say I had quite a good little run today, feeling pretty energetic even at the end and not too thirsty as has been troubling lately. Had Gatorade and part of a cereal bar which seems to be working ok :)  None of the run was very taxing today; not much for hills and stuff. Was good.
about 2:02:00 for time which is pretty good. 

Planning to take tomorrow off and then do Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, take Saturday off, then run the LSD on Sunday of 29 km.  This should put me back on Sunday LSD day and for working this is where I need to be putting those runs. Officially back to work next Monday.  YAY lol.

Today's run was a good confidence boost.

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