Monday, August 9, 2010

Digby Scallop Days 5 km Fun Run

We were in Digby this past weekend for the Digby Scallop Days so we decided to go to the Fun Run; It actually wasnt that easy, we were awake late the night before with a bonfire on the beach and accompanying beverages, had to be up early that morning because no one was registered, and it was hard to wake the kids. Holly wanted to go and run the run with Lane but she would not wake up and apparently did not wake for a few more hours after we left lol Taylor came to take photos and Leanne and Lane and I ran the 5 k run in 2 loops around Digby.

Lane modeling the nice (cotton) Tshirts for the run :) I like the basic colours :)

Before the run; it was getting warm and the route is pretty sunny :)
We go around a corner and then begin climbing the first of a few hills :)  It was a long, gradual hill. Did I mention long?
First km done in 5:25 minutes. Second in 10:38 (5:13 minutes for km 2.) 
Going through the start area to begin Lap #2
Just under 13 minutes there. 
Had a Downhill around 1.75 km but then up and down to the half way. Then we do the lap again.
3rd km was done in 16:21 (5:44 minutes; starting to lose a little time. Had some of the hill in it)
4rth km in 22:01 (5:40 minutes; more hill.)
Leanne and Lane coming to the midway point; they stopped as neither had trained for this event at all ;)Coming up to the finish I was trying hard to gain some ground on the woman in front of me but she had really long legs :) 
Going through the finish past the princesses :)  Finished the 5th km in 27:10 minutes (5:08 minutes) total Race 27:18 (30 m over ish) Its been ages since I have done a 5 km Race but this would be my best time.  I wonder how good it would have been if the route had been flat? ;)
The runners at the end.  I dont know what I was about to say here :)
There were lots of draw prizes at the end which we won none of, no age-group prizes for my age group apparently LOl but a lot of fun had and it was a nice way to see Digby on foot :):):)  Definitely have this on my list for next year!

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