Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of August 2010

I cannot believe it. August is over. SOB! I love summer Im a summer person Im a warm weather person and WINTER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

Ok I know we still have fall to go through and I love fall, I really do.  It's just...not summer anymore. Fall means work and I KNOW its all that cold weather coming right around the corner.  We have had a great weather summer and it's been hot and awesome and fall likely will too and we will have some awesome running weather.  The mornings will cool off and the humidity will drop and it will be nice for running some good times, rather than struggling to draw in this wet air ;) BUT IT ISN'T SUMMER!

So I had a nice run this morning.  I could not remember exactly what sort of run the program called for but I knew it was about 4 miles and I suspected it was a Tempo run which is really hard on my hilly runs...  I decided Fartleks were the way to go since my 8 km route is hilly.  8 km? Yeah I was like 7.7 away from going over 200 km for the month so I planned for 8 km.  What difference does it make LOL. 
Feeling really great after Sunday's run (as long as it's not stairs SIGH) and it was nice to get out and stretch after a rest day yesterday.  A little tired but really, good to be out.  I decided to do Fartleks with no real goal except finishing 8 km in under 48 minutes.  That was all I planned.  And despite the last mile being all up hill, I finished 8 km in 47:50 minutes.  :):):):) GOAL!  lol.  8.3 complete in 50:26, feeling good at the top of the hill and off to get ready for work :) 

So finished August with a tad over 200 km for the month and put my year total over 1100 so far for the year.  Good month!
I have a feeling it's going to be way hot tomorrow morning.  Im supposed to do hills (9 repeats...that's not going to happen.  Im thinking MAYBE 6, considering I've been skipping them til last week).  Im not sure how Im going to manage these hills since Scott won't be home and the kids will.  I do not like driving away to run and leaving them asleep. But if I go super early, they will sleep through. 
But that would depend on getting into bed at a decent time tonight.  THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ;)

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