Thursday, August 12, 2010

5 km tempo run

Which should have been 6.4 km or so but due to bad planning and time constraints I shortened it to 5 km more or less.  I really dont know what happened Today! 

LOL ok I do know what happened. Last night I went out and had a life; girls night in the hot tub to be precise. 

A few drinks, a late night, and boom your morning run goes out the door.  I didnt get out the door until like 11 am (it wasnt too too hotttt) and by then I had to pick up kids at 12 and I was kinda in a panic because Id left so late and SHEESH it was a quick but hot run and shower and back out the door packing in bikes and helmets (remembered the helmets ) lol then picked up kids and off to a birthday party then the pool and then soccer and ice cream and WHAM its bed time.  I need to go to sleep soon. Wonder if I can wrangle these 5 wonderful children into bed?
So only 5.25 km this morning, 5 k in 29 minutes (remember the hillllls! and it was a tempo therefore there WAS a warm up; shorter cool down) and the total run was 31 minutes.  :) Time was ok for heat and hills.

My commitment wavers from totally committed to running the program and getting ready for a full, to OMG I cannot do this.  I was talking to someone today about training and SHE said to do at least 5 - 32 km runs before the big one; I counted I dont even have that much time left! UGH!  I see 2 32 km runs coming up; I see a few 29 km runs that I suppose could be made longer. I am not sure I want to end with 32 km, I might want to go further once or so to see if I can. SIGH.  But Im down to less than 10 weeks to the marathon now and Im NOT happy about that LOL where does time go? Im doing well sticking to this program SIGH Why can't time go slower?

Tomorrow - morning run IF I can fit it in (5 kids here blech) will be maybe 12 km?  Might skip speed work again this week ie hills or track; Something has to give and Im not going for a time, really Im not.  And I get loads of hills.


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