Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Went away for an overnighter with the kids to PEI.  It was Scott who suggested I take the running stuff and actually do a run there; but I jumped because I was a run short of the week and needed another day before the long run :) Glad to go, thank you Scott ;)

We went to Summerside and a beach before landing at Rodd Mill River where there is a golf course that Scott Moaned about because he WAS NOT on it Lol and there was other stuff to do there as well.  All we did manage was to go to the pool.  And then supper and sleep. No one complained; everyone was tired.

It was kind of hot when I started out and it only got warmer as I went.  The run through the Resort was pretty nice but out on the road it was more boring LOL just...roads.  PEI is where I am doing my marathon in October and all I could think was...this road is SO boring!  LOL Sheesh. It was shadier on one side so I ran on one side with an Ipod (so against rules) and did an out and back.  Roads were rolling but nothing bad.  Time was pretty good (dont really remember what it was LOL).

Resort Road
Looking so forward to PEI ;)

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