Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LSD 26 km

After the race on the weekend I took 2 days off (well not really, just didnt do any runs lol) Sunday was travelling day and Monday I played ball hockey and should have run but just didnt.
This morning I did the Sunday LSD of 26 km.  Im only 2 days off.  SIGH.  How am I going to get the rest of the runs in? I dunno.

So the route was just a big ol loop and I didnt really try to find loads of hills but I didnt avoid them either (this is Truro) It was pretty boring and Im glad I had some music.
Garmin screamed LOw Battery at me as soon as I turned it on but it lasted over 2.5 hours and got me to almost 24 km so I cant complain I suppose. I stopped when I figured 26 km had been reached and estimated a time.
Hips pained off and on.
Took some Gatorade and Jelly Beans at 7 km and had an Apple Cereal Bar at 14 km.  Took some money to get more water but didnt go get it; figured I had enough as temps were cooler and it was mostly cloudy. Wish I had gotten some as I got very thirsty in the last 10 km and finished the gatorade with 7 to go.  Sun started coming out at 18 km but remained mostly cloudy til I was almost done.  About 20 C with Humidex of about 26 I believe I heard. 
SIGH. I called Scott to come get me when I was done so I could avoid the climb up the hill to home. He brought water; good man. 
A little lay down and feeling much better now.  Not nearly as bad as the 27 km Greenspace run in SJ, not nearly as bad as the 22 km run at Shortts Lake last week. Thinking it might be the weather.

Now to reorganise the schedule for the rest of the week SIGH.

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