Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Run again

This week we repeated 29 kms and it went really well; We went the same route but ran it backwards, and I liked it a lot better last week ;) started a little earlier, still had the same breakfast and had a trail mix bar at 115 and 230 hours in, drank lots of watered down gatorade, and got to the end feeling really good. Granted we walked a bit in the last hour and our time was closer to 320 this week for a couple of reasons :) but Im not concerned about the time, more so about feeling at the end of the 29 km that I could have totally kept going and that makes me happy :)
Points of concern? Head ache about half way through; hips aching, and funny pull on the outside of my knee at various points.  But I think for the most part Im feeling pretty confident right now about this full marathon!  (that might change if I have a bad run ;))
I think it's funny that at the end of a 10 km run I feel just as tired as I do at the end of 29 km. Almost.

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