Saturday, August 16, 2008


Joined Nubody's in July. I decided to leave Curves due to some unfortunate behavior by some women there (Sigh, Women!) and I am just too old for that crap.
So being a nobody at Nubody's is just preferable. Although I sometimes feel as tho I am floundering not knowing what is best to do, and Will continue my runs outside, not on treadmill, for as long as possible.

I registered for the Cobequid 10K run yesterday. I think I must be freaking nuts. I cant do it! I cant run 10 K! but I suppose I can totally walk some of it and who cares if I dont run it all! SIGH. I will run at least 7 km of it. IF I do better this week than I have done in the past 3. Will continue working on it.

I ran to Nubody's yesterday, about 1.75 km; ran it faster than I usually run and I did it in about 12 minutes. With 3 minutes walking included.

Ran home slower, 14 minutes; doesnt seem like it made much difference to run fast or slow, it apparently isnt that much of a change of pace :)

While at the gym I took an orientation class and I did the circuit 2 times. Dont see that being something I do a lot.

Need to try to get to the gym tonight and do some cardio; its raining now and couldnt go out this morning thanks to the soccer jamboree. Which went on for over 6 hours :)

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