Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 10 K Run

was awful!
I trained; I felt very ready
And then I got it. The FLU.
I went to the run anyway. I was sure that the worst thing that would happen is I would walk some. OMG was I ever wrong.
I tried to eat some breakfast and took some medications to help prevent any issues on the trail.
Sarah met me at the house and we walked down to warm up. Picked up our race kits and checked out the start line. Lined up pretty quickly and Bang we were away.
Within a few strides I had nice stomach cramps and couldnt even pretend to keep up with Sarah.
Did my first KM in 6:24 minutes. Feeling not too bad. About 2 KM in it got a little harder. And by 3 KM I was down to 7:30 kms.
By the time we got to the Old Barns road I was feeling very terrible. Dragging dead legs.

I should have stopped then lol

But I kept running. I ran past 5 km and almost to 6. When I came past Scott again I should have gone with him. But instead I started walking. I walked the rest of the way with this lady named Lauralee or something like that lol. She was very nice and the two of us were not last lol. I was SO sick I barely remember the rest of the walk. I was SO thirsty and my mouth was stuck together. I was dizzy and nauseous. What was I doing there? Finishing the run. At a walk. when I tried to run, I was very much going to throw up (which only happened once.)

at the finish, still walking but alive! Time?? About 1:27 plus, officially. We cooled off in the breakfast area, found the prize area where I found I WON the New Balance Sneakers (what were the chances??) YAY!!!! Then we headed off walking up the hill to home.
Honest, I didnt make it up the hill. SO nauseous. Brian picked us up and drove us the rest of the way to the house where I went to bed and stayed for the rest of the day. And the next day, actually.

And Ive not run since. Tomorrow is the day for getting back at it. finally feeling a little less sick although still not eating much. Tomorrow = run and gym. Oh and work.

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