Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Weekend that was...

Really wow, I mean, leaving me with nothing to say that doesnt sound negative or bad because it wasn't, it was just HARD. I mean really. 
Friday afternoon after school the school took the kids on a hike in the park and I went as well :) It was fun and nice and likely not our best use of time but we did it anyway.

After hiking 80 minutes we went home to eat, pack bags, shower, and head off in different directions. Scott took Taylor to the Provincial Badminton tournament where she competed in Mixed doubles on Saturday, and I took the littles to their Female Festival hockey tournament in the city.
Holly played her first game Friday night at 9. These are children right? SIGH.
We spent the night at my aunt and uncle's house and Holly was back on the ice for a 730 am game.
While Holly was still playing Annika was lacing up for her first game in the same arena (2 ices).  They are both playing on teams that have been put together from local teams. 
As soon as both girls were off the ice, we piled into the car and drove to Antigonish, stopping in Truro to drop Annika off with her grandmother.  Holly and her friend had soccer tryouts (third one) so we drove for over 2 hours for an hour and a half soccer tryout.  It was super sunny out and nice but the wind was SO cold :( the field was neat; artificial turf.  Tryouts went well, Holly scored for her team and enjoyed herself a lot.
Then we piled back into the car and drove back to the city (picked Annika up) for more hockey. The kids got a little sleep in the car but they were tired!
Back on the ice for Holly for their third game (won all three.) Annika was supposed to have a practice time but she was tired so she stayed in the stands with me.
She was super tired and did not have her best game.

Scott and Taylor arrived during that last game from Provincials where Taylor and her partner only lost one Match but due to a points against tie breaker got bronze medals. Im super happy for her, first Provincials and bronze is awesome!

Back to aunt and uncle's house for another night because we were too tired to drive any further.
Annika was back on the ice the next morning for her second game of the festival. Then we had a break and she had her third game.

Then the Festival was over and we went home. Home was so nice!  Messy and gross but nice!
I didnt get a workout on Saturday. and I ate terribly.  Just awfuL!  so Sunday when we were home I dragged out the door with Holly on her bike, and got a run in.  And it was a great run. I didnt intend to run hard but after taking Sat off I felt pretty good.  We did the usualy 8.5 km loop. finished 4.2 in about 23 minutes and then 8 km in 45:47.  Climbed the soul-sucking hill for 8.5 km in 51:11. That was a decent run :)
Monday was exhausting. So gross.   For no reason, I was just extremely tired ie. put my head on my desk for 10 minutes tired.
after endless test and marking and meeting, I went home and changed and went for my run. I took Holly to her friend's place and let her hold the car keys for me. BAD IDEA.  She lost the keys while we were out running.  8.75 km in 54:14.  we spent over an hour looking for them, then called for back up keys. 
Now evening was wrecked and it was time for hockey scrimmaging. tired! almost skipped but didnt want to leave them short. It was fun, a nice workout, a little more rough than before but still fun. 
Now it's Tuesday and I really need a long run. I should have one shortly; just ate so will give a few minutes to settle. SIGH.

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