Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Target for the Week So Far

But I've only survived Wednesday so there are still many days to get off track left!  :)
Sunday's Long run was such a success, that's really good for the motivation. Ok well it was like 10 minutes longer than I usually run 16 km; but those KM are done and that's the point right?
Monday was rest day. It was very dismal weather but there was no rain right around lunch time so I ate my lunch while working (finishing up the last minute marking and submitting marks) and then took a walk. I went the Homecoming 5K route so I would know how  far I went (5.25 ish lol) and headed off.

I was not really wearing the right clothes; shoes were great, but my clothes were too warm and when I got back I was REALLY hot. It was very humid. Lucky I didnt have to teach in the afternoon because Im sure I was a nasty mess. But I didnt have to teach so it was just me and my dampness in my office for the afternoon :):):)  It was a great walk, pushing it for 5.25 km in 57 minutes. A good active rest day.  Would be sore to not do SOMETHING.

Tuesday Scott took the kids to school which let me have a little extra time for a workout.  And of course Laundry and cleaning as well.  But I did Day 1 of P90X again. AGAIN.  Im really wanting to restart but it has to fit with the running so I am being careful not to do 2 leg things on one day; I have done that, and it was not great for the running. I will do Plyo or Kenpo X on non-running days; I am sure they will fit in on the 2 non-running days of my schedule. I mean really. And Yoga can go on the Xstretch Day; Ive only done that program once and it just seemed like a nice stretch but not the best use of my time. Maybe will toss that in on a day I have extra time, opposite to the Yoga X which I feel also stretches but doesn't waste my time.  And I also want to get some biking and maybe swimming in there as well; it is so hard to fit it all in! Argh!

Anyway on Tuesday I did Chest and Back P90X and it was good.  I am SORE now but it was good.  Tuesday rained a lot. Heavy rain. Awesomeness, more roof leakiness. Scott is quite convinced we can get the roof through another year and then put on a metal roof? I am not so much convinced since it rained on my dining room table and how much of our house is going to need repairs? UGH.

It wasn't until Tuesday evening and a lull in the rains that I managed to get out; Holly was sick with a bad headache causing nausea, and Scott was out; I got those kids into bed and went when he got home, which means I had about 20 minutes of light left before it was dark and I totally forgot my headlamp which would have made a lot of sense.  SIGH. But I had a good pace on and did 8 km in about 48 minutes including some slow areas. I am feeling very strong on hills, motoring up without losing a tonne of speed. 
I finished in the dark :)

Wednesday I did not get up and do P90X Plyometrics because the schedule calls for Intervals and I was not going to compromise my speedwork for Plyo!  I waited until evening and then had a wonderful run on the trail; I ran from the In-Laws to the start of the trail and then did my 9 X 400 m Intervals. Im not sure I did them fast enough; it took a lot of effort and my speed didn't seem to stay up high enough. Ah well. I turned back after 6 intervals with 200 m in between for recovery; I planned to take a short cut back to the house but rather, after finishing intervals, I decided to run back to the trail start and hope to catch the family at the church. FAIL.  I had to run back to the house, adding 3.5 km to the end of my intervals and finishing on hills.  10 km total run.

Thursday was easy run day; after ball hockey practice (not intense. not even sweat-provoking. Come a long way.) anyway after practice I ran from the school to home, taking a longer way since PROGRAM calls for 8 km today.  SIGH. I took this road and that road and even ran to the end of my road and back again (over a km up the soul sucking hill).  And still only managed 7.3 km. I gave up and went home. Pace was slow; was tired and didnt have a walk break. And I was bored. And borderline chilly.  Anyway went home.
I intended to do Day 3 of P90X. But I am still sitting on the couch. Its not going to happen. I need some sleep.

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