Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holding Accountable

I've got a new running partner.  Found unexpectedly, a hockey friend who runs decided to try me out ;) and we do ok pace wise and flexibility wise, and we have been running together for a few weeks. Im pretty sure that if you come right down to it, she is faster than I am by quite a lot. But no matter what pace I set, She's beside me.  If Im working a tempo run, she chatters away beside me. When we are doing an easy run, she makes sure it's not too easy :) And chatters. She seems to have the gift of chatter, where most days I am still uh huhing and hmm hmmm in answer while I huff and puff through intervals and hills. 
It can be really hard to run with someone; I mean really, its not often you are heading for the same things, and do them in the same pace.  But we are both looking at a spring Half, and are following loosely the same plan. And our working schedules are a both a little more flexible than some, so we can sneak out for noon or afternoon runs, or have evening and weekend runs. It's working out remarkably well, and we are running together a couple of times a week most weeks. 
In fact it's working out better than all right. Last Monday I did not want to run at all. I was ready to bag it; then she encouraged me to go, and I felt better for it. Same with Sunday morning; I might not have gone but she was keen for it so we went and it was a great run. Monday night and tonight she wasnt' keen, but when I suggested a run, we went. and seemed better for it. If they don't work, we run alone. No big deal. But it's a lot easier to just stay in when no one is waiting for you.

Tuesday April 3
I was marking and managed to keep busy until it was quite late. PLans changed and I only had 20 minutes to run before supper; so I did, 2 miles in 19 minutes quite fast. Then evening stuff.

Wednesday April 4
Again it was busy at work and rather than leaving early I stayed quite late before heading over to the school for Badminton and then I got out for a run once the rain started (love it).  9.7 km in 60 minutes, it was a bit of a tempo run on hills (so perceived effort) with a slow start and a slow end . Well end was not that slow.

See what tomorrow brings!

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