Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow busy Times past 2 weeks!

This time of year when things are supposed to be wrapping up, they seem to be getting more and more busy instead :) I can hope that within 3 weeks, with the end of college classes, I can manage a little more breathing space at work and maybe that will translate to at home.  The marking and exams are still going to be a little overwhelming, but it's relative right?

Thursday the 8th I did a good 6.4 km run. No memories of the run :) 38:42 was the time.
Friday the 9th was an active rest day with Hockey practice with Holly in the morning, a full day of work, and then hustling to a hockey game in Brookfield with Holly; league tournament time. Then from there I went to a hockey game in East Hants; an exhibition game for fun! And it was; we tied them 1-1.  We were out super late that night with some friends and some drinks. VERY late.

But I made Saturday morning hockey.  At 7 am. SO tired; but a long day was to be had.  After that hockey scrimmage it was rush from game to game.  The kids had hockey all over; from Debert to Brookfield. Kiddies came home with us from games and went back to games. Holly's tournament ended with them in the championship game; they had a drastic loss and got Silver medals :)   Annika's tournament also ended with them having 2 losses and maybe a win? Or a tie? they were not in the last game.

Sunday morning (11th) I went for a long run which I underestimated a little. Time went ahead, so we lost an hour :( Rather than the 12 something km I had an even 13.  It was ok.  Weather was amazing.
That afternoon we had hockey and I felt like a slug LOL.  Not a surprise.  A loss.

Monday 12th I had a 7.1 km run. I dont remember where but the weather was good :) Which is why I had no rest day on Monday.
Someone suggested p90X again and so Tuesday rather than a run I took a rest day and did Day 1 of P90X. I have no idea how I can modify this program to fit the workouts and the runs in. A week later Ive only managed 3 workouts.  Back and Chest done for an hour of Push ups and Pull ups.
It was March Break and starting Monday both kids had tournaments. I did not make any of Holly's games as I worked and we had Annika's tournament in town :( Holly had a good tournament with goals and an MVP puck.  Annika's team had a seriously disappointing loss due to a bad call on a goal; their tournament ended on a great winning note to end their season.

Wednesday I had an 8.6 km Tempo run; one of those runs that just feels quite awesome; 54:54 was the time for it.
Thursday was another active rest day and I did P90X Day 3; Shoulders and Arms.  I skipped Plyometrics in favor of Wednesday's Tempo Run.  Afterwards we left town for an overnight hotel stay/getaway. THAT was stressful.  lol Change is good but it was much harder than it used to be. 
Friday morning after little sleep the night before I had a run on the Treadmill at the hotel.  It was right next to our room!  Which sounds nice but in fact when people get on it late at night, you can totally hear it.   I warmed up with a walk, then ran a tempo run up to 6.5 miles/hour and back again at 1% incline for 38:10 minutes. It was dreadful lol quite dull and felt like 4 hours.  But the run got dun.

We shopped and left town later the afternoon for home. We ate terribly while we were gone. AwfuL!
Saturday morning hockey was a little later than usual.  The Sat morning group went out for brunch afterwards which was totally yummy.
Late in the afternoon/evening I had a run in sunlight; 6.5 km in 40:42. It was ok. Regular run.

Sunday I waffled and struggled and ended up splitting my planned long run. In the morning I went 8.6 km at a long run pace. After hockey which we lost again, I did my second half with Toni; 6.35 km again at a slower pace. Tired by this time. 55:07 and 50 minutes respectively.

Back to Monday and a rest day that I threw P90X Yoga (Day 4) onto in the evening. TIRED at that time but really need something.  90 minutes of stretching and straining LOL
Left my legs pretty tired on Tuesday for an easy run that was SUPER slow. Some trails and wind gave us 7.75 km in 51:30. Terrible!

I might need a rest day!

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