Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sums it up about right! More of the same. That again. Nothing new.

I woke up yesterday morning with the worst pain in my foot Ever!  There is no bruise, it's not a strain or a cramp, it's aching along the outer side on the bone to the littlest toe.  At first no pressure was ok but a day later it's not near as sore. I was able to skate last night without issue and it did not hurt on my run today, so Im not sure what that's about.Something to watch I suppose. Maybe a little soccer injury I dont remember getting? who know!

After Last Thursdays day of NO activity lol I managed to skip hockey practice in the morning (the kids are just so tired...) and had a nice 6.5 km run on Friday.  in 42 minutes.  I had to get all the way home before I could do it; I had lab and spent an extra 40 minutes with a student afterwards; then I had wrap up stuff and went home to get ready to run. Tough to get it all in I guess.  But it was great temps for the run and I had JUST enough light to do it.
Friday night was a lot of relaxing as the weeknd to come was just crazy.

Saturday morning although it wasnt likely too bright, I went to my hockey scrimmage. There isnt' much hockey left. And I need mine. We had a lot of juggling to do, to get kids to all the things they had to do.  There were 2 hockey games and it was 4H Rally day so our club had speeches on.  Taylor also had a Tae Kwon Do tournament.  Her first :):):)
So I took Annika to her hockey game; it was a pretty brutal game ;) and Scott took the other 2 to speeches; Taylor did hers before we got there so that Scott could take her to the tournament.  After hockey Annika was rushed to speeches and I got there just in time to see Holly do hers; it was awesome.  Then Annika went 2 people later and HERS was awesome as well.  Grammy arrived just in time to miss Annika's speech and we left, had some lunch, and then Scott took Holly to her hockey game and we went to Taylor's tournament. She had done forms earlier, which I saw in a video, then we saw lots of forms and spars.  T got 3rd in Forms and 4rth in Sparring; good for her first tournie and her spars were super close and could have gone either way.

we went back to home in pouring rain and nasty wind to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing and chatting with Grammy. No run. Crap weather anyway LOL.

I really think I need to move my long run to Saturday!  Sunday was SO hard! lol

Despite my intention to get up super early and go, once we were up and it was cosy hanging out with the kids and hockey...I just had trouble going and didnt get out for my long run until 1030. And I had a hockey game at 1 so I cut my long run short to a Normal run (10.4 km in 1:08:12 yoiks).  It was a good run, had ups and downs but that route is hilly so I expect them. I was SO hungry when I got back, could barely resist just eating chunks of bread.  LOL.  Did some laundry and headed out to hockey which was our worst game of the year!  We couldnt do anything right!  Lost like 6-1 or something lol.  I went home and did some housework and rested up for the rest of the night; meant to get some work done but had forgotten what I needed at work :( Annika played at supper time and they did much better than the day before :) I went straight from there to my soccer game which we won 1-0.  Home to work for a few hours and into bed!

Monday morning I woke early with a terrible pain in my foot. The outside and bottom hurt like it was broken. actually woke me up.  It was sore to walk on all day so I skipped a run; maybe I just overdid it on Sunday?  Monday night I was able to skate with Annika's team for their last practice with no discomfort so it's all good.

Tuesday after lunch time I had a great run with Toni despite the chill and wind. We Did a loop around the Bible Hill 5 k route plus a little at the end for 5.8 km in 34 minutes. 

Wednesday Was a long day at work but I was just dying for the end of the day for my warmish run.  The weather was so nice!  It did not disappoint.
I got home and I almost didnt go for a run. I was TIRED, the house was warm, supper was getting going, I was just not feeling it at all. But I dressed and went, knowing I would regret if I did not go.  I had Intervals on the plan for week 3, Wednesday (Day 17).  6 X 400 m at 5 K pace. I warmed up on the way down my hill and then at 1.1 km in I started my first interval.  I decided 5 K pace was about 5:30/km.  I did that or better throughout most of my intervals; hard to be consistent when the first 2 were uphill then the rest were on rolling hills.  Between I did 400 m at about 6:05/km.  I finished up the 6th interval with 3 km left to go and since it was flat I threw in a 7th one for fun.  Finished those last couple of miles uphill to home, completing 8.6 km in 52 minutes.  Decent for a run I didnt even want to do!  :)

Now sitting in on Thursday and wondering what today's amazing weather is going to bring? 

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