Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slightly Off Schedule

Another week has passed and I am sort of off my training schedule already, a week in.  But not in a bad way!  It's just been so incredibly mind-numbingly busy, and to ensure some sanity I have been running a lot. Like way more than my schedule says to! I realise you are not supposed to do that; the suggested runs on the schedule are actually less than I had been running distance-wise before, so why go back? If it says easy run, I do an easy run, but it says 3 miles and if I go 5, who am I hurting? not me!

Thursday last week was Week 1 day 5- Called for 3 mile easy run and strengthening. lol. I did a 4 mile easier run, and no strengthening that I can remember. Actually I barely remember last week!  LOL My spring break is a haze of serious marking and head-banging frustration at the marking LOL.  Wish I could blame the alcohol but there was precious little of that!

Friday called for a rest day so I did not run!  I started off the day with some Ice Hockey Practice at 7 am, then after work the kids and I went home and took the dogs for a nice long walk. Long by kids standards; the dogs loved it much!  We found a cool trail near home that we can walk the length of (no big swamps blocking the way); cannot believe it took this long to find somewhere to go! It came out of a weird road way down the main road so we had to walk back up the road to get home but it was ok, everyone had fun!

Im just guessing but I think our walk was about 4 km long and although slow it was really nice out and great to chat with the kids and watch the dogs :)

Saturday called for a 3 mile run, and I played hockey in the morning; Goalie rather than skater which was less demanding. Then for the rest of the day, there was no running.  The rain in the morning was torrential and the winds continued to blow for many hours. Annika had a hockey game in Stellarton in the morning, so we went there before lunch.  After her (awesome) game, we visited with Aunty Alison and the men in her house. We attended Knit Day at a local pub and had a rather decadent cheesecake treat.  After knitting and chatting we headed home, taking Cousin Ben along with us.  He and Taylor went to a party while the rest of us went to the Bearcats hockey game (won!) and then home and to bed; all very tired!
Sunday morning I tumbled out of bed good and early (7 am which was about an hour later than I wanted) and did 8.6 km in 55:30. This LONG RUN day called for 5 miles and this is the only run of the week that I actually did the distance it called for (more or less). Of course with my miles lately this is NOT a long run; it's a regular run. I will ramp it up this weekend...Maybe. lol  It was a great morning for a run!
After running we took Annika to hockey in Debert and dropped off the chickens to Rebecca at her "soap factory". We had not seen her in ages and spent a bit longer there talking about her business and what her kids and family were up to. 

In the afternoon I had a hockey game which we won and I got a goal :):):) then we rushed right over to Trenton for a game for Annika with her "girls"; the girls she is playing with in Female Festival got together to play the Trenton Girls Team. They did extremely well considering most had not played together and the other team was a "team" all year. We have hopes for the Festival being a huge success!

Sunday was exhausting. It lead to a Monday that was exhausting.  I arrived at work as early as I could only to find that I could not get into my computer (forgot the new password) lol and therefore spent almost 40 minutes not getting stuff done. :):)
I was sitting there shaking my head trying to figure out where Spring Break went?  Back at it for the next 6 weeks of classes and then 2 weeks of wrapping up exams and marking; then another month of prepping for next term I suppose.  It's coming to a close really fast! LOL
Monday is usually the day I do not run but since there was nothing I had to get to in the evening, Toni and I went out after labs ended and got our run in!  Monday was supposed to be a rest day but after skipping Saturday I figured I owed the miles.  Saturday should have been 3 miles; I ran 5.5 miles on Monday night instead. With inflation it seemed fair LOL.  55 minutes.
Tuesday was a nice storm day; it did not snow as much as I hoped but it lasted awhile; the kids had no school and after lab I got in a run with Lavinia.  Total was 8.15 km (50:10) in blustery snow and slush. LOVE winter.  lol It was a super pretty run. I spent the rest of the afternoon at work prepping then I took Taylor and her friend to the mall.  That was fun.  Home again for the evening was the BEST lol. 
Wednesday things were back to normal and after classes and labs I got a nice run in with Toni.  Program called for 30 minutes tempo run; with the hills and wicked nasty wind all the way back, it was not so much a tempo but I increased effort as much as I could and tried to stay steady and did as much tempo as possible. Sometimes we were at 10 K pace. then the wind would knock us back and we would go by perceived effort lol.  7.35 km in 46:34.  Thanks wind!  after Holly's hockey practice then Basketball Year End play time, bed looked nice but there was a Science Fair project to be completed. 

Which brings us around to Thursday of Week 2.  Program calls for 3 miles easy, and strenthen. I would really like to do some yoga tonight.  I also have a run planned, Annika has a Chiro appointment, and a hockey practice, and then maybe I can do some yoga after these lovely children go to bed :):):)

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