Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Start of a new training schedule

This week begins 13 weeks to the Bluenose Half Marathon or 12 weeks to the Fredericton Half.  I decided I would do a spring Half and maybe consider a summer full.  And Im still striving for a Triathlon this summer; I am starting to wish I had a road bike.  Everyone looks so much faster on those!  lol
I picked out a plan on the Hal Higdon site as I have had much success previously with those. The miles will stay lower for at least the next 5-6 weeks while there is still hockey and soccer going on.  lower but managable. 
Last week and this week have seemed extremely busy. Hockey is ongoing, as is soccer, basketball and hockey for Holly, Annika is just doing hockey and Drama at the church, Taylor is doing TaeKwonDo...she tried out and made the Badminton team at her school so she is doing that a couple of times a week as well as Musical Practice at school and Drama at church.  And there have been more 4H meetings this month; Scott is on a number of committees and going to a lot of meetings at night. Im feeling really exhausted right now.  It can be hard some days just to get the runs in.  I remember having nice long chunks of time when Taylor was swimming that I could get the runs done but most things they are in right now seem to be shorter duration. Maybe once Spring arrives? 28 days or so?

Last Wednesday was a rest day; still kinda floundering with the plans.  And busy! I gave in to the fact that I had a cold coming took 3 days to really set in and a week later it's still hanging about.
Thursday I had a 10 km run; cannot remember where but it took 50:15 to get the run done. No notes on the location.  lol That same day Taylor had a dental appointment and Annika had hockey practice so I got some skating done.  I had a very bad night sleep-wise due to the untimely death of Mr Gimpy - fourth time in the water dish was his last :(
Friday after work I got in an 8 km run from work. I had considered hockey in the evening but ended up napping instead; no sleep the night before and a cold did me in.
Saturday morning hockey was ok, roads in were difficult thanks to some snow overnight but the hockey game was good.  Just enough people for lots and lots of ice time. Annika and Holly both had hockey games away so we were all on the roads with the melting snow (eventually) and games were good. 
Even tho Saturday weather was amazing, I rested my cold and literally spent the rest of the day doing nothing. Holly's friend came to work on Science Fair, and that's about all we got done.
Sunday was not much better; there was no hockey in the morning so I slept in a bit (well I stayed in bed anyway) and then the kids worked on Science Fair and the others went to Drama/church.  I played Goalie for one of the other hockey teams at 1 then had my own game at 3; Annika played at the same rink at 5, so it was after 6 before i left the rink.  I took the kids home and then went to my soccer game.  Coughing and out of breath most of the day :(
Monday finally feeling a little better. It is Spring Break at work so I have spent a lot of time marking quietly in my office. I like Spring Break; a nice break from student demands and I get lots of work done :)
This would be day 1 of week 1 on the training program if I go to Fredericton for the Half in the spring.  Supposed to be a Strengthen and Stretch day but I didnt run all weekend so in the afternoon I took a chance to get a run done; 7.4 km in 45:22.  It was just a nice easy run.  Monday night we were up super late finishing up the Science Fair project. 
Tuesday I took the kids to school and dropped of the project ;) went to work and left an hour later for hockey in Brookfield; it was a little slow with only 5 skaters and a goalie lol we played sideways on the ice and had some fun, worked on passing.  Went out to lunch with Scott and then to look at Science Fair projects.  They looked good; found out after school they did well and were advancing to the Regional Science Fair.  Worked until school pick up time, then took Annika to hockey practice.  She had her last practice with her Bearcats, the local team that helps out :)

After hockey we went hom for supper then Holly and Taylor were back out to basketball and badminton practice.  I stayed in.  Was done.
Now it is Wednesday again and I have had my run (7.7 km, 5-6 intervals of about 400 M each; hard to tell in that weather). It was snowing/raining, and the roads were slippery and SO VERY wet.  My shoes are soaked; I could wring water out of my 3rd layer of shirts. UGH.  But we used increased effort so it's all good.  a little over 45 minutes. Shoes will be drying for days. 
Tonight there is just basketball and TKD. Then I get to go to sleep! And start all over again tomorrow! 

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