Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Catch Up

12 long days of busy work and busy activity separate me from my last post here. It's just way too busy to spend too much time typing when I could be out DOING! Or, at this time, sleeping.  Sleeping a lot :)  Which is still, what I am not getting enough of and would like to do more of.  Fighting it! Not always by choice; life is keeping me awake, even at 5 am, when I cannot sleep at all.  I just want a full night's sleep. 

We have gotten into the snowshoes this week!  We finally had enough snow, and made use of it a few times. the kids have gone out around the yard a few times since. :)

Whew Friday the 3rd I had a run with Toni 7.85 km 49:47 minutes.  We squeezed it in at the end of the day; that can be tiresome after a long work week.  AB labs are killing me! LOL
After work I had a snack and headed to a friend's house for some snowshoeing.  We went into the park in the dark with headlamps and had the best time on the trails and sometimes off the trails.  It can be disorienting lol but so so much fun!  2 hours on the snowshoes was tiring!  Many calories burned.  We put them back tho with some awesome spaghetti late at night :)

Saturday morning was great pick up hockey again, very early in the morning.  We had a busy day of hockey with the kids, before coming home to rest and I took the kids for a quick snowshoe trek before going for a quick run with Toni :) Having someone to run with is working out well for me; sometimes it is so easy to say Aw not today; but when someone is waiting I can get out there :) We did 4 miles in 40 minutes right on.

Sunday brought the usual hockey game (tied) and soccer game (won, I got a goal :)) and kids hockey games.  Sunday's are busy!!!

Monday was a rest day, due to time constraints and exhaustion after such busy weekends.  I will let it be for now :)

Tuesday morning before work I ran the loop for 8.6 km in 55:56.  It was nice out :) I had to wait for some guy to try to catch his dog who kept trying to chase me while I ran (I think he wanted to come too)...it added almost 10 minutes to my run! UGH!  When I got home I found the little chicken doing the backstroke in the water in his incubator; ugh I was so late for work LOL

Tuesday at lunch time I went snowshoeing at work with a friend;  we went around the field at the park and took about 55 minutes.  It was so super warm! LOL

Wednesday was another rest day.

Thursday was a lighter day! Toni and I ran 6.5 km then I ran into my chiropractor's office and had an appointment, before heading back into the cold and running back to the college with a total of 10 km in 61 minutes of running.  After work Annika had hockey practice and we skated a lot :) it was much of fun!
Friday was busy but I grabbed a run after work in the awesome weather. A storm and activities were coming the next day, so I really had to go or miss out!  8 km in 50:15 minutes.  :) I am always so hungry at the end of the work day; a handful of trail mix did not go very far.

Saturday we were up and out the door at the crack of dawn for a hockey tournament in Tatamagouche.  we played 3 games on Saturday, all fast, hard games with some rough play and lots of laughs in other games. :):) We drove back and forth twice during the day, in the pouring rain! :)  It was a much better way to spend the day, compared to sitting at home housecleaning or sleeping ;) We lost every game but luckily we didnt go to win, but rather to enjoy hockey, so we won.   

Saturday night was spent sleeping !  lol So that Sunday I could be back at it; the roads were terrible after a long night of freezing rain blowing against my window.  Freezing cold and snow on top of ice; we stayed home in the morning and only ventured out after lunch for my hockey game, which we won and had so much fun at, trying to get a goal for our little baby hockey player :)  Annika and Holly had hockey over supper time and I had a soccer game.  Our team had no spares so it was a long game but we did well, losing 2-1 to the #1 team.  After our game I stayed around and played with another team; I was tired by then, and didnt do so great (could not kick to save my life)  but I played the entire time twice! :) Hips aching, home for a super hot bath.

Monday; back to rest day And I really could use it after that weekend.  at least until supper time when Annika had hockey practice. Ive never felt so lazy; I did not skate hard with the kids but instead took it easy.
Back to Tuesday and Valentine's Day; off to work early and a nice sunny run at noon; it warmed up some and the ice was finally melting some but that left deep puddles and slush behind; that's fun LOL.  But 6.6 km in 44:40 minutes on those roads was acceptable. At least we are still going! :)

Now I have had cake and ice cream and a chocolate and I enjoyed my flowers and will try on my new running clothes on my way to bed :):):)

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Gaspegirl said...

Wow you were certainly spoiled for Valentine's Day!! I am happy to hear that you have a running partner because I know that it IS MUCH easier knowing someone is depending on you to lace up... I have lost my partner and it is too easy to postpone/ cancel a workout.

Have a great weekend!

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