Thursday, September 23, 2010

Park Run

The weather in the park was perfect today. It was coolish (maybe 16?) and while the wind was higher elsewhere, it was less so there.
I ran in the park before the Cross Country team got there, managed in half an hour (little more) to get 6 km in, 38 Minutes flat.  It was ok considering the hills. Started out warming up and climbing Jacob's Ladder then running up to Wood Street and the water resevoir, down Vibert Trail and towards the lower park, back up to Wood Street (oops exploring a new trail) and down to Serpentine, through another wood trail, back to Serpentine, into the lower park, around the loop and back in time to see the Cross Country kids arriving.  It was a good run and although I spent a lot of it feeling tired, and out of  breath, I still think it was a good run.  Im tired this week and thinking this marathon training can end any time ;) It's been way too busy for this sort of running; way too many hours spent when I feel I should be cleaning the house, doing more laundry...even if I do deserve the time for myself occassionally. Long runs are really long.

I got to do some stretching while talking to the Cross Country team, enticing them to run the meet next week, then sent them on a recovery run and followed along, although I took different routes to get that last bit in.  Up Jacob's Ladder, up some hilly trail and back down the Young Street side, back into the park and again back up Jacob's Ladder, down Serpentine and back to do some core work with the team before sending them home :)

The trails are super nice for running.  There were some leaves falling while I was running and it smelled like fall.  Not that I want fall LOL.  The terrain is awesome, the hills are awesome, the possibilities are awesome.  I could be swayed to trail running vs roads. 

Sore tonight? ankle sprained during soccer. Must have retwisted it LOL it's no biggie :)

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