Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Last Long Run of the Marathon Training


The last long's done. 

What I am hoping, is that it is no indication of how the marathon is going to go.

What did I do wrong? If I don't figure it out, Im toast.

Error #1:
its been a long week.  I was very busy. I only got 2 runs in rather than the 4 that I should have.  And the last of those was 3days ago.  I needed to get out yesterday (Or even Friday) for a little run to loosen up. I was tight and uncomfortable for the start.

Error #2:
Way late start. I have decided Im a morning runner rather than the evening runner I used to be. At least for these long runs.  I had breakfast, snack, coffee....and waited. I had a bowl of cereal. and waited.  I don't really feel as tho I was properly fueled this day. Which didnt start until like lunch time.  The morning was hectic and weird and pointless.

Error #3:
run on a new route.  It had potential.  We drove around this morning making sure that the trail through the woods actually went somewhere and it supposedly did (waste of 1.5 hours but needed to know where it would end up!)
It was a beautiful wood road trail to Brookfield that had potential. I mapped it so knew which end we were better off starting at to take advantage of some long down hills.  And less uphills. We started in Old Barns and the map lied! It was a lot of rolling hills which should not shock me but I was still like..>Really? another hill? Sigh.  We made a wrong turn and werent sure about getting through to the other end of the trail but we did make it across the covered bridge and onto the little trail.  It was beautiful by this time, warm (too?) and sunny. Lovely fall trail. for awhile.

End of the trail and longer than expected because I could not run it exactly like I mapped; had to readjust and I think it was longer. M was super tired (played hockey just before we started) but luckily we were running towards her house, so she had a rescue on the road, and we parted.

Error #4:
Forgot Ipod. this is my time for enjoying some music and I forgot it!  UGH.  I was so bored.  And gads, at the end of that pretty woodsy fall road was the road to Brookfield and it was SO BORING! 

I got to the highway at a little over 20 km and stopped to eat the other half of my bar.  I had some chomps too. Maybe Im not eating enough of them?  Drinking a lot of water? I refilled my bottle from Margie's before she was rescued by I was out by this time.  Store coming up.  Bought more water.  And started back towards Truro.

Error #5:
From Brookfield it seemed like all up hill. A lot of  hills.  I don't know about a wall but I know I was a hurting unit by that time.  Hips, and really, legs, calves were tight and aching.  And the back of my left knee (and sort of the right) was very painful. I used to feel this running in college and wrapped my knee then for it. Wondering if I should get a knee wrap? and try it out this week? hmm.

That part of the run was Miserable.  I was unhappy. LOL not winded and not really tired, just very very sore.  UGH.  And still without music was bored.

Ached all the way home; called Scott to pick me up and ached in the car.  Came in and could not face standing in the shower so I caved to what Ive been avoiding; a hot bath.  NOT AN ICE BATH. LOL  too cold!  It felt super nice and i was almost human at coming out but now I wonder; how is that going to feel tomorrow?
What is the point in the ice bath?

Im wishing for a leg rub right now. It isnt coming. LOL  Im also hungry and believe I was a bit dehydrated and am drinking loads.  I dont think Ive stretched enough. Gotta before sleep which isnt coming in a hurry because Im occupied.

Did arrange rides for the CC meet this week and I was so relieved I almost cried hehehe parents are awesome!  Could have slept before, now am beyond sleep. UgH.

Doubts are starting to set in with the taper beginning. Not so much, did I do enough, but can I even complete this?  Is it going to hurt too much? I was looking forward to the longest run getting over, but now Im not filled with confidence like I was 12 hours ago lol.  Im doubtful because of the pains that set in so early. 

I did come home and see, this run was 7 minutes faster than my previous 32 km; Im also not completely confident in my time/distance assessment LOL but its all good. I certainly wasnt going for a faster time but would have liked to finish it not teary and miserable. 

Doubts are going to take over on the next 3 weeks.  Im sure of it.  PEI isn't hilly they say; it isnt terrible hard they say; Its a good BQ run they say; I would just like to finish on my feet (4.5 hours would be nice ;)).

Gotta stretch.


Gaspegirl said...

Girl you are crazy... and I love it! Good luck in PEI...

Make it a great day!

Melinda said...

Don't doubt yourself!!! After those long training runs, I never think I can finish the full 26. But somehow endorphins kick-in and the run will be totally different.

And forgetting you iPod? That's a tough one to overcome!!

P.S. My legs were aching like crazy after my long run and I still couldn't bring myself to do an ice bath.

Anne said...

I came over from Melinda's post.
You did it! Time to eat, sleep and celebrate :) You'll do fine on your marathon, it's easier with everyone cheering you on.

Scrappytbear said...

Thanks guys, I can't wait to accomplish this!

2012 km Goal