Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainy Afternoon at the Park

Friday was a rainy, rainy day ;)  it was raining when we got up and it was still raining a little bit when we went to bed! luckily it was sunny and hot on Saturday as promised, since there wass a cross country event in town and we volunteered at it.

I wasn't sure if I was running Friday or not; I 'm tired and feeling like a little cold coming on.  I hope it's just allergies.  This would not be a good time for a cold.  I dont have time for a cold. Or an injury, as I was thinking as I was running down a hill over a wooden slippy bridge in the rain. I simply cannot imagine getting 14 weeks into a program, close to a marathon, and be injured doing something silly like a run in the rain on a trail that is slippery when Im really tired.

Started with Strides, as fast and long a stride as possible, for like 50 meters.  We did them 3 times, and jogged back to the start. they were fun! I loved doing them! LOL

Then we split into groups and one group did a run up through the trails while the other did hill repeats; then we switched and our group did the hill repeats; 6X 30 seconds up the hill at fairly hard effort. It was a good workout, despite the rain. Im still sore.
The team did core while I preferred not to lay on the wet grass; wuss I am. I know it.

A slightly unplanned workout for me; but Im so off schedule most of the time, it hardly seems to matter ;) Im getting the long runs in!

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