Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lovely afternoon Park Run

Today I prepared and went out running as soon as lab was over; they were right on time and it was good timing :)  I made it to the park planning to do about 8 km before the CCRunners got there, and I had about 50 minutes to get that done :)
I headed up into the park and climbed for about 2 km then it was up and down for awhile; up trails, down trails, then  finally at about 6.2 km I made it back down into the park, headed up another road, and out onto the side walks where I finished another quick mile and finished at the park with 8.4 km in 50:40.  GOOD TIME considering those trails are tough and nothing but hills! LOL  I didnt think I had another hill in me.
Met the team for stretches and core work, then sent them off into the park for a short (15 minutes?) run if they had not gotten on the wrong trail; and that was someone who said she knew the park!  LOL  Then one of the runners and I ran to another school nearby and she showed me the cross country trails they have behind their school. The trails are mostly mowed field - rough and omg hill.  I almost cried uncle at that point because i was so tired; 8.4 fast hilly km, then by that time, I was at almost 11 km and it was up, up and more up LOL.  At the top I felt better and made it back down and back to the car in about 32 minutes for 5 km.  Slowing down at that point with total 13.4 km done and ready for bed; but alas I had too many stops to make, kids to drop and pick up, and supper to make, garbage to put out, and dogs to deal with. 

Now house is clean, most things are done "enough" so I can ignore them, and Im ready for sleep.  likely have to get up later to let those dogs out LOL.

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