Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Challenge

Because Running a Marathon is not enough. Because I'm not busy enough.  Obviously I'm not busy enough. I still have a few minutes to write a blog. I need more to do.  Because Im a sucker.....Im trying something completely new and unfamiliar.

I'm coaching a Cross Country Running Team.  For a local high school.

I've never run Cross Country (at least not on a team) and Ive never been to a meet. Ive never coached running (but how hard can it be? Someone GAVE me the schedule (and you were right it IS good) and with some adjustment it fits; And I know running.  I KNOW running.  I can do this.)


It barely fits with my teaching schedule in FACT a few times Im going to have to get off lab duty.  And get an assistant.  LOL  I will make it fit.

Really the running and stuff is the easy part. You would not believe the amount of paper work that needs to be taken care of. Haha not so funny.  I'm going to be publishing a book.

How is this going to fit in with my marathon training? Well, it's running isnt it? LOL  And A tonne of it is speed work, Intervals, Hills, Fartleks.  Im supposed to be doing those, I will just make sure I get my distances in.  And some of it, they can do on their own. With my instruction and advice.  It's only about 9 weeks tops. LOL. 

SO last night I went to a coach's meeting and was totally overwhelmed by paper work.  And information. I would really just like to run.  :)  I have to get all these forms signed and stuff before anyone can start running; I also have to arrange for drives to meets, Figure out who is running what, and get them to the right places on time.  I have SO many questions :)

After the Coach's meeting I went for my Tuesday run and it did not rain and it was nice except that my watch died; I was going pretty fast too (Tempo Run) and I figure I did the distance (measured at 9 km) in about 54 minutes.  I was aiming for a 6 minute pace and at 7 km I was right at 42 minutes so success :) I may have slowed slightly in the last 2 but not much so Im going with that.  It was SO dark; what is with the streetlights? are they all blown? It was terribly dark.  And Im not even scared of the dark. It was a nice run :)

But Im exhausted lately. Can barely get out of bed but cannot really sleep. Burnout? Only 6 weeks left to go before the Marathon. Can do anything for 6 weeks.
OH yeah. Swim registration and hockey registration this weekend.  Taylor needs bathing suits.  Our schedule's wont get any more complicated by kid's activities LOL.

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