Sunday, September 5, 2010

32 km long run; another milestone

Again a longest run has been put in the log book; this one not as pleasant as the last one.  I enjoyed the 29 km way more.  LOL
I think  it was waking up tired and sore after a long week and little sleep and feeling a little upset stomach and mentally thinking this wasnt going to be a good day;
Was on time for meeting M but THEN I decided to hide some water bottles along the way for us to find later; even if they were warmmmm lol. Then I was a little late but we were running by 7 am.  It was slightly chilly and much less humid than before Earl who wasn't so scary.  I had moments along the run that I was kinda cold but that could have been my nausea too.

Yeah Nausea. from km 5.5 on.  Jeez I did nothing different; hope Im not coming down with something. It did wax and wane...wasnt' unbearable. But had some shivers and annoyance. Speaking of annoyance, I almost lost it with my water bottle carrier. Why does it misbehave some days?

So 32 km in; took a new 20 mile route over Upper Brookside Road...I honestly do not remember it being ALL UP HILL...and then of course all down which while restful was hard on the body and afterwards there was a twinge in my left knee SIGH. 

Otherwise same route which is now too predictable.  lol new one next week.

Gatorade/Powerade/flavoured water overload today. Gross.
Wondering if I need to try SCaps or something like that?  hmm.   Maybe.

Wishing for some rest tonight SIGH.Aint getting it.

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