Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love intervals!  Even if they are hard to get in thanks to routes and hills, I love intervals. Because there is always the promise of that break in the middle, even if it's jogging. LOL I like how I feel after intervals, tired but not wrecked, and Intervals require no special route or track or anything.  I suppose one might rather call them Fartleks if they are not on a track and perfectly paced, but call em what you want. I like them.

This is the first Wednesday run Ive had in 3 weeks!  Not sure what happened, Oh wait, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy labs started 3 weeks ago and Ive not run since on a Wednesday.  Im busy in class in morning, lab in afternoon, and class at night. Im beat on Wednesdays!

After the (tough) long run on Sunday I took 2 days off on advice of someone who should know more than I do.  Resting the sore knee which gets a little worse every time I have a long run.  It's weird, something pulled in back of the knee I suppose but it's not bad enough to stop running, just uncomfortable.  And once the marathon is over and those long long runs are a thing of the past, the knee should be fine ;) I'll rest then.  But I did take Monday (rest day) and Tuesday (Cross Country Meet) off, and threw in a Wednesday Morning run with some intervals.

after taking the kids to school I had this teensy window of time to run. If anything had gone wrong I would have been short, and late for lecture.  Ugh.  No time later tho, to run and then shower,  so it was a must-run or forget it kind of morning.  Straight to the trail and no time wasted getting started; ran a km warm up then alternated 1 km sorta fast (under 6 minutes a km; still really tired and not pushing it) with a slightly (30 seconds) slower km between.  Finished with 3 X 50 m strides which felt awesome :):) all in all a good run, despite hot humid weather. What is with this weather?  it's 25 C on almost the last day of Sept. No complaints here, but it's certainly out of character for around here.  The sudden cold snap is going to be really hard on us LOL

Little time for stretching before getting off to work but made it, and now a lot tired while preparing for the lab this afternoon UGH.  i prefer morning workouts because this is certainly sleepy time ;)

Run tomorrow?

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Gaspegirl said...

you are certainly nearing the end of the marathon season in grand style! You had a great year - congratulations!

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